The Longest Stride

The Longest Stride
A weekly conversation with the Greater Toronto Running Community. Hosted by André Morgan and Jonathan Greenwald.

4. Lyndsay Tessier
Aug 6 • 80 min
Lyndsay Tessier discovered she loved running at an early age and, when she didn’t make the cross country team in elementary school, Lyndsay continued to watch the other runners practice solely because she loved the sport so much. The cross country coach…
3. Moe Bsat
Jul 30 • 67 min
Moe Bsat is as equally passionate about running as he is about bringing awareness to diversity in the running community. In this episode, Moe share’s how he got his start as a runner, his experience as a BIPOC runner, and his thoughts on diversity in the…
2. Brendan Carpenter
Jul 23 • 44 min
Brendan Carpenter always struggled with his weight, even as an active child and young adult. Several years ago, Brendan experienced two events where he was publicly humiliated resulting in the decision to make a change. Brendan joined a gym and eventually…
1. Frontrunners Toronto
Jul 16 • 45 min
Frontrunners Toronto was founded in 1987 as a chapter of the International Frontrunners organization. The LGBTQ+ run crew is made up of runners and friends of all abilities, from novices to advanced runners, for recreation, health and friendship. In this…
0. Intro
Jul 9 • 9 min
Welcome to The Longest Stride podcast! In this debut episode, we’ll introduce you to your co-hosts Jonathan (runthesix) and Dre (dreizle) and attempt to explain why we started this podcast. The goal is to bring you a new episode each week! Let’s go! To…
The Longest Stride Podcast Trailer
Jun 22 • 1 min
Welcome to The Longest Stride. Each week, we’ll chat with runners, run crews, leaders in the community and so much more! We’re excited to bring to you a podcast FOR runners, BY runners. Join us as we connect the Boroughs, one stride at a time. Stay tuned…