Keedar Whittle-"The Rockstar of Education"

Keedar Whittle-"The Rockstar of Education"
Learn how to stay abreast of current educational trends while taking your skills to the next level as an educator. This podcast will share tips for your advancement and development as an educator. Parents are welcome to join to!

Changing the Mindset of Parents
Aug 13 • 6 min
Covid-19 has caught many parents off-guard and many are unsure of what to expect for the 2020-2021 school year. Older siblings, neighborhood friends, family members, and more have been sourced to help provide parents support with their child’s in-home…
POD Learning & Additional Support
Jul 28 • 15 min
Many parents are being forced to choose between sending their children to school or trying to continue to teach from home. Learn more about POD learning and additional support available to parents that were to keep their scholars on-track.
Leading By Example During Times of Change
Jul 28 • 5 min
COVID-19 has brought about unexpected changes to the world. One of the most significant changes has been on educational systems and the way educators, staff, scholars, and parents are approaching education. Learn more about how educators can lead by…
WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM THE 1918 PANDEMIC-Mental Health Support for Educators, Staff, and Scholars
Jul 17 • 10 min
Approaching the upcoming school year is bringing unwanted anxiety, stress, and tensions to educators, staff, students, and parents. Now more than ever, mental health support is needed for all involved in order to maintain balance and peace as we take on…
Jul 17 • 10 min
It takes a village to raise a child and during the 1918 Pandemic communities joined together to support one another. During this COVID-19 crisis, it is imperative that we leverage our resources as a community and join together to support our schools,…
What We Can Learn from the 1918 Pandemic- Part 1: Professional Development
Jul 5 • 13 min
The 1918 Pandemic taught us so much about coming together as a community to support one another and survive. This episode is Part 1 and it discusses the importance and value of professional development.
Surviving a Role When It’s Not a Good Fit
Jun 22 • 7 min
At times educators may experience accepting a role that ends up not being a good fit. Prior to going into the role, the educator may have known that it would not be a good fit. Learn more about how to lead, and leverage your experience as an opportunity…
The Top Ways for Educators to Get Through the Upcoming School Year
Jun 22 • 8 min
Educators are adjusting their style daily to improve the performance of scholars. Oftentimes, the demand of the classroom can lead to educator burn-out. Learn how to improve balance as an educator.