The Busy Latter-day Saint

The Busy Latter-day Saint
You are invited to come and listen as Richard Bernard, author of “Digitial Scripture Study for the Busy Latter-day Saint,” interviews members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who share how they find the time to study the scriptures and their unique approach to scripture study. The expressions and opinions shared on this podcast are those of the individuals speaking and do not reflect or necessarily coincide with those of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Depression, The Scriptures, Healing and Finding Joy
Sep 21 • 27 min
Julie Lee, author, podcaster, wife, and mother of young children, shares how she has dealt with depression, how a different perspective brought the joy of the scriptures into her life, and how she shares the scriptures nightly with her young children…
Scripture Study: Guilt Is Not Part of the Package
Sep 14 • 34 min
Kurt Francom shares a lesson he learned to free himself from scripture study guilt and some unique approaches to studying the scriptures. Kurt can be heard on his weekly podcast “Leading Saints” about Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Leadership Best Practices…
Scriptures and Hymns; An Inspiring Combination
Sep 7 • 29 min
Rob Wright shares how the scriptures have helped him throughout his life, his love of hymns and how he incorporates that love into his study of the scriptures.
Promptings and Making The Scriptures a Daily Thing
Aug 31 • 27 min
In returning from serving a mission, Sam Fenton tried to continue his habit of daily scripture study but found it challenging. Relocating, school, work, and marriage began to encroach upon his time to study the scriptures, but the Spirit spoke, and he…
“It is not for us to make a case for the Lord” with Allen Christensen
Aug 24 • 53 min
Allen Christensen, Patriarch of the American Fork Utah South Stake, shares stories of his life, the scriptures, and receiving revelation. What he shares provides an exciting and unique insight into this servant of the Lord.
Finding Easter Eggs in the Scriptures with Oak Norton
Aug 17 • 43 min
Oak Norton shares how he finds Easter Eggs in the scriptures and how he found a way to study the scriptures the way the mind works. ScriptureNotes ScriptureNotes Boolean Cheat Sheet…
The Scriputres are not a monologue; they are a dialogue. Digging deep into the scriputres.
Aug 10 • 81 min
David Grant, COO of the More Good Foundation, shares how he digs deeply into the scriptures. Book of Mormon Made Harder Scripture Study: Tools and Suggestions Please subscribe to this podcast and share your…
Getting answers to life’s challenges through the scriptures.
Aug 3 • 33 min
Rob Hertzler, a mentor with Life Changing Services, shares how the scriptures are the key to finding answers to the challenges we face. Rob also has a weekly podcast, “Fathers Who Fight, where Rob, along with two friends, share their…
Using Google As A Scripture Study Tool with Jared Bernard
Jul 27 • 25 min
Studying the scriptures can take us down many roads to discovery. Jared shares how he uses Google as a discovery tool and how he finds the time to study by capturing the moment. He mentions the Bible Hub, here is where you can find the site - -…
Using Journals to deepen scripture study, and incorporting Come, Follow Me with a young family.
Jul 20 • 30 min
Coralee explains how yoga helps to get her day off to a great start and her journal through the day and shares the family’s secret to “Come, Follow Me.” Coralee has used Leafy Tree Tops Binders for several years. You will find the binders at…
Creating Study Plans in the Gospel Library.
Jul 13 • 67 min
Rebecca Terry uses the Gospel Library Study Plans to help with her study of the scriptures. Also, we discuss her experience with dyslexia. To share your comments, request to be a guest, or recommend someone you feel you would make a great guest contact me…
Elder Holland’s “Christ and The New Covenant” to deepen scripture study.
Jul 6 • 26 min
Ron Terry shares how he has focused on the sixteen concepts of the atonement as outlined in Elder Holland’s book “Christ and The New Covenant” to deepen his study of the Book of Mormon. To share your comments, request to be a guest, or recommend someone…
Tips to studying the scriptures while living a busy life.
Jun 29 • 28 min
Tony shares with us how he studies the scriptures in the real world. Husband, father, grandfather, and entrepreneur, his life is full, but he finds time to turn to the scriptures. To share your comments, request to be a guest, or recommend someone you…
Preview - A Short Introduction
Jun 22 • 4 min
In this brief introduction, I share with you the purpose of this podcast and how it can enrich your life. To share your comments, request to be a guest, or recommend someone you feel you would make a great guest contact me at…
How the scriputres can help with depression.
Jun 22 • 29 min
Miriam Beck shares how the scriptures help her to overcome something that many deal with, and how she studies the scriptures to bring peace into her life. To share your comments, request to be a guest, or recommend someone you feel you would make a great…