Rethinking with Dror Poleg

Rethinking with Dror Poleg
Exploring the intersection of technology and the built world.

Housing makes you racist. Tech can help.
Jul 31 • 10 min
America’s residential system incentivizes people to act like bigots. Technology offers hope — and a few more reasons to worry. The text version of this article is available here:
Disrupted Cities & The Urbanizer’s Dilemma
Jul 24 • 11 min
Cities are trying to out-internet the internet. Most of them will fail. The text version of this article is available here:
The Office Won’t Budge
Jul 17 • 5 min
Demand for workspaces might go up. But it’s still bad news for most landlords. Here’s why. The text version of this piece, including some graphics and charts is available here:
Greg Lindsay on The Future of Cities, Millennial Suburbs, and Multigenerational Homes
Jul 12 • 35 min
This week, Dror interviews Greg Lindsay, the director of applied research at NewCities and director of strategy at its mobility offshoot CoMotion. On July 14-16, Greg and NewCities are hosting New Housing Solutions LIVE, a free, virtual housing…
Living on the Tail
Jul 10 • 10 min
The distribution of people in offices, homes, and cities will be governed by the rules of of the online world. The consequences are disturbing. The text version of this article is available on: If you enjoyed…
Liquid Living, Immovable Cities, and Institutional Appetites
Jul 3 • 12 min
How will knowledge workers reshape cities? Which cities will thrive as a result? And who will finance all these changes? The text of this article is available here:…
Never-Ending Buildings
Jun 26 • 16 min
Three media empires offer important lessons about the future of offices, homes, and cities. The text version of this article is available here:
Apple, Landlords, and the Revolt Against Monopolies
Jun 19 • 17 min
Apple generates more profit from the App Store than all of Manhattan’s landlords generate from rent. It also offers some important lessons about why some tenants will stop paying.