Off the Arrow Shelf

Off the Arrow Shelf
The thoughts and experiences of a UK field archer and archery coach. I hope it will cover shoot reports, equipment used & book reviews, shooting tips and advice. Check out the website I’ve been shooting instinctively for years, mostly been shooting recurve bows and flatbows for years under the NFAS (National Field Archery Society). Any questions or ideas for episodes let me know. #archery #fieldarchery #archer #archerycoaching #traditionalarchery #tradarcher #bow #arrow #instinctivearchery #nfas

09 - The Archers Triangle - Archer physical aspects
Aug 8 • 31 min
So in this episode I focus on the third side of the Archers Triangle, that of the archer. Possibly the hardest element of the triangle to control as it has the most variables. I will be focusing on the physical aspects in this podcast and moving onto shot…
08 - Archers Triangle - the bow side
Aug 1 • 31 min
Continuing the series on the Archers Triangle concept I mentioned back in episode 6. This episode gives some thoughts on the second side of the triangle the Bow. How this might affect the archer, touching on topics like over bowing. As always if you have…
07 - Archers Triangle - the Arrow
Jul 25 • 28 min
In this podcast I am expanding on the concept of the Archers Triangle, focusing on the arrow initially. This covers one of the sides of the triangle and looks at some of the aspects to be considered when thinking about arrows from a traditional archers…
06 - The Archers Triangle
Jul 18 • 16 min
In this podcast I am going to introduce the concept of the Archers Triangle. Whether you are a target archer, hunter or field shooter. Archery can be broken down into three components, Archer, Arrow and Bow. These three need to work together successfully…
05 - Filtering out the noise
Jul 13 • 17 min
SO in this episode I am going to talk about the wealth of resources out there for archers, but also the dangers of getting swamped by all the different messages and advice.
04 - What is Instinctive Archery
Jul 6 • 10 min
Here I explore what my thoughts are on Instinctive archery and what it means to me. I mention Grizzly Jim so here is a link to his channel - Archery Adventures YouTube ( As always if you have an thoughts, questions…
03 - Some back story
Jun 30 • 17 min
So it’s traditional to provide some background of how you got into archery, how long I’ve been shooting and so on. So I’ve tried to do this here. Telling how I fist started all those years ago. Sorry if it rambles on a bit. Thanks for listening.
02 - Back to the woods
Jun 26 • 15 min
In this, the second instalment from off the arrow shelf I will be talking about our return to woods after a long break thanks to COVID-19. I’ll be trying to offer some advice on things to consider, beyond the obvious things like bow, arrows etc. I wanted…
01 - Welcome
Jun 19 • 5 min
Welcome to this, the inaugural podcast from Off the arrow shelf. I’m Rob Jones, a field archer in the UK who is hoping to help other archers and do my bit to promote the hobby of field archery here in the Britain.