Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis

Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis
Parenting advice and inspiration for raising smart, confident Black children. Join host and Ground Control Parenting founder Carol Sutton Lewis for conversations with guests––familiar and new––about the joys and real work of parenting. New season

The GCP Season One Rewind!
Sep 8 • 8 min
Host Carol Sutton Lewis gives a recap of the inaugural season’s themes and highlights. Stay tuned for more great parenting conversations in Season 2, coming very soon!!
LisaGay Hamilton: Raising a Transgender Child –– A Family’s Journey
Sep 1 • 41 min
Award winning actor and filmmaker LisaGay Hamilton shares her thoughts and advice about parenting with a focus on raising her transgender daughter.
Susan Fales-Hill: Telling Our Children Our Stories
Aug 26 • 37 min
Award winning television show runner, author and arts advocate Susan Fales-Hill talks about culture, race, the importance of sharing family histories with our children, and much more.
Dr. Victor Carrion: Coping with Back-to-School 2020
Aug 18 • 37 min
Dr. Victor Carrion, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stanford University and Director of its Early Life Stress and Resilience Program, offers advice and resources to help parents manage their concerns and expectations as children return…
Deval Patrick: Raising Resilient Children
Aug 11 • 40 min
Former Massachusetts Governor and 2020 Presidential candidate Deval Patrick shares how his journey from Chicago’s South Side to the corridors of power shaped his parenting skills, how to raise resilient and socially conscious children, and much more.
Michelle Miller and Marc Morial: Raising Independent Children
Aug 4 • 36 min
Power couple Michelle Miller, CBS News National Correspondent, and Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, share the impact of growing up in politically active families, how to help children establish independence, and much more.
Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell: Giving Children Space to Grow
Jul 28 • 41 min
Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell, President of Spelman College, shares how she encouraged her sons to pursue their unique paths, the importance of “parental pivoting”, some common sense rules of social media engagement, and much more.
Depelsha McGruder: Protecting Our Boys
Jul 21 • 36 min
Depelsha McGruder, Ford Foundation Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., shares how she leads a powerful community of moms working to improve how Black boys and men are perceived and treated by the police and society. …
Suzanne Kay: Helping Children Know Who They Are
Jul 14 • 36 min
Writer and award-winning filmmaker Suzanne Kay, daughter of celebrated actress Diahann Carroll, shares her journey to racial awareness and reveals how it helped her parent her biracial children.
Anne Williams-Isom: It Takes a Village–Here’s How to Build One
Jul 7 • 37 min
Anne Williams-Isom has been passionate about keeping children safe, cared for and well-educated throughout her career. In this podcast, recorded shortly before her recent transition from the role of CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Anne talks about…
Deborah Roberts: Giving Children Freedom to Soar
Jul 1 • 38 min
Award winning ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts talks about raising children in today’s world, shedding the weight of parenting expectations, and much more.
Crystal McCrary McGuire: Helping Children Pursue Their Passions
Jun 24 • 40 min
Filmmaker Crystal McCrary McGuire is the mom of 3, including Cole Anthony, a 2020 NBA top draft prospect. Crystal shares how she supports her children’s pursuit of their passions, how to create a happily blended family, and much more.
Tonya Lewis Lee: Raising Confident Children
Jun 17 • 43 min
Producer, author, wellness expert, maternal activist and mom Tonya Lewis Lee joins Carol for the premiere episode of this podcast focusing on parenting Black children. Tonya shares stories about how she was parented and how this impacted her parenting…
Welcome to Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis!
Jun 12 • 3 min
Every week host Carol Sutton Lewis brings you stories, tips and advice from fascinating folks about raising smart and confident Black children. Join us!!