The Mental Game

The Mental Game
A show about the psychology of human performance from writer, researcher and psychology graduate Larry G. Maguire. The Mental Game explores performance psychology as it applies to work, sport, career and all domains where human beings perform. We’ll examine aspects of performance such as behaviour, expertise, intelligence, habits, perception, attention, cognition and emotion. Learn to manage performance anxiety, cope under pressure and produce consistently high-level results with the psychological skills of experts. Read more at

EP003 The PERMA Model of Wellbeing
Jun 27 • 16 min
Read more about The PERMA Model; In the late 1960s, the father of positive psychology Martin Seligman and his research associate, Steven Maier, were part of a team that discovered the phenomena “learned…
EP002 What Is Resilience? An Introduction
Jun 20 • 22 min
Read The Definitive Guide To Resilience Resilience in all domains of performance be it work, sport or otherwise, in simple terms, is said to be our personal ability to cope with, and bounce back from adverse conditions. As such, it is an important aspect…
Introduction To The Mental Game
Jun 16 • 9 min
About the content: Hello and welcome to The Mental Game, a podcast on the psychology of human performance. Whether you’re just starting out on your career journey, or you a seasoned veteran, my hope is that the…
The Mental Game (Trailer)
Jun 15 • 0 min
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