Marketing Spark (The B2B Marketing Podcast)

Marketing Spark (The B2B Marketing Podcast)
A “micro-podcast” featuring insight from marketers and entrepreneurs in the trenches. By micro, it’s conversations that are 15 minutes or less.

How Virtual Events Are Powering Commonsku’s Marketing
Aug 3 • 17 min
Virtual events have received mixed reviews as a replacement for in-person conferences. For some companies, virtual events have provided opportunities to connect. But many people have complained about the lack of interactivity and engagement. For…
How Brands Create Serious Marketing Momentum
Jul 28 • 16 min
What can brands do to position themselves to emerge from COVID as strong and dynamic players? While many brands are struggling to keep their heads above water, the strongest brands are already thinking about what needs to be done outflank rivals with…
NOW is the Time to Jump on the B2B Podcast Bandwagon
Jul 21 • 18 min
If you’re a B2B company that thinks it is too late to launch a podcast, think again. Sweet Fish Media’s James Carbary says there are huge opportunities for B2B companies to leverage podcasts to drive marketing, sales, and relationships with prospects and…
Spend Way More Time Promoting Your B2B Content
Jul 15 • 16 min
Every B2B company wants to capitalize on the power of SEO.But there are fundamental mistakes at these companies make that undermine their marketing activities.Dev Basu, chief experience officer with Powered by Search, said SEO delivers when companies…
It’s Not Email Marketing. It’s Engagement Farming
Jul 14 • 16 min
Too many brands leverage email marketing to drive sales. That’s it.But Coherent Path CEO James Glover contends that retailers should use email marketing to build stronger relationships and help consumers discover new opportunities, and, yes, drive…
FYI: Print Marketing is Not Dead.
Jul 9 • 13 min
Print is the Rodney Dangerfield of marketing; it gets no respect.These days, it’s all digital all the time. But print hasn’t disappeared. It’s still important and a key part of the marketing mix.In this episode of Marketing Spark, Joanne Gore, an…
How to Hire Your First Startup Marketer
Jun 29 • 15 min
Alexis Clarfield-Henry talks about what it’s like to be the first marketer at a startup.After a career in advertising, Alexis joined Unata, which built an e-commerce platform for the grocery business. Clarfield-Henry says one of the keys to success when…
How Senior Leaders Can Embrace Social Media
Jun 24 • 13 min
On this episode of Marketing Spark, Jay Palter talks about how brands and business leaders are embracing social media in a post-COVID world.
An Insider’s Take on Account-Based Marketing
Jun 20 • 12 min
It is increasingly challenging for B2B companies to connect with prospects.A lot of their “shotgun” tactics (e.g. email marketing, content marketing, social media) aren’t working.It explains why they are turning to account-based marketing (ABM) to focus…
Brand & Revenue Marketing: A Delicate Balance
Jun 19 • 19 min
Marketing leaders have long struggled with the seemingly conflicting demands of building brand and driving revenue.In this episode of Marketing Spark, Steve Watt, V.P, Marketing with Grapevine6, talks about the importance of branding, messaging, and…
Marketing Spark: A Micro-Podcast (15 Minutes or Less)
Jun 12 • 2 min
Welcome to the first episode of Marketing Spark, a podcast that delivers insight, tools, and tips about marketing….in less than 15 minutes.Why only 15 minutes?I’m a big advocate for micro-marketing: marketing that quickly delivers insight and information.…