The JT Digest

The JT Digest
All of Jacob’s appearances on podcasts outside of his own.

Welcome To Geekdom 183: Gravity Falls
May 5
Jacob Tender joins the podcast to discuss Gravity Falls. We talk about why two seasons worked for the length of the show, why we enjoyed it, and more.Find the full show notes for this episode here.
Podcast Me Anything: Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker
Apr 8
via Podcast Me Anything:I recently launched a client podcast and the one network they had to make sure they got listed on was Breaker. Breaker is not a household name in podcasting, but in the financial services space, there are a growing number of hosts…
Stereo Confidential: Hellogoodbye — Everything Is Debatable
Aug 2, 2019
via Stereo Confidential:Part 4 of our Hellogoodbye miniseries. We investigate the 2013 full length, “Everything Is Debatable.”Find the full show notes for this episode here.
Talkin’ ‘Traz: The Rock (1996)
Jan 4, 2019
Jacob joins to discuss the 1996 Michael Bay film ‘The Rock’.Find the full show notes for this episode here.
Chat Sematary: The Dead Zone (1979)
Jan 2, 2019
via Chat Sematary:Jacob Tender joins to discuss The Dead Zone, which happens to be the only Stephen King book that he’s read so far.Find the full show notes for this episode here.
The MV Podcast: Revisiting The Beatles (Help!)
Oct 23, 2018
via Modern Vinyl:Part 5 of our Revisiting The Beatles series dives into Help!, their August 1965 release. We discuss how the band’s rising fame seeps into their songwriting, Chris gets a crash course on “Paul is Dead,” and we continue building our Beatles…
Welcome To Geekdom 100: Pixar Shorts
Sep 4, 2018
via Welcome To Geekdom:Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss a whole bunch of Pixar shorts and celebrate our 100th episode!Find the full show notes for this episode here.
The MV Podcast 205: My Dear Podcast,
Apr 9, 2018
via Modern Vinyl:Episode 205 of The Modern Vinyl Podcast takes on The Weeknd’s new release (NOT EP), “My Dear Melancholy,.” Chris and Mike, along with special guest Jacob Tender (Bantha Fodder), discuss where the EP belongs in the Abel Tesfaye story,…
The MV Podcast 192: The Great Pop-Punk Debate
Nov 23, 2017
The Modern Vinyl guys invited me on to talk about Rolling Stone’s pop-punk list. I defend AFI. Good times are had.via Modern Vinyl:On the newest episode of The Modern Vinyl Podcast, the hosts debate and dissect Rolling Stone’s recent “50 Greatest Pop-Punk…
Welcome To Geekdom Episode 058: Stranger Things 2
Nov 21, 2017
Deanna and I talk about Stranger Things 2 which is SO good. Dustin and Steve are the show’s best pair.via Welcome To Geekdom:Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss the second season of Stranger Things. We talk about the new characters, the…
Welcome To Geekdom 050: Digital Storage and Backup Data
Sep 26, 2017
Deanna and I talk about our storage solutions and workflows, backup options, and related media management.via Welcome To Geekdom:Jacob Tender returns to the podcast for an extremely geeky chat about digital storage and backing up data.Find the full show…
Welcome To Geekdom 038: Frank Ocean
Jul 4, 2017
Following my undocumented, RARE project and the Master List, I joined Deanna Chapman once again to give an idiot’s lecture on Frank Ocean.via Welcome To Geekdom:Jacob Tender returns to talk about Frank Ocean’s early career, his discography, and so much…
Welcome To Geekdom 022: Apple Music
Mar 14, 2017
I’m back again on Welcome To Geekdom to talk about Apple Music, the streaming service I use to access the rarites and unstreamables that were formally found only on my external hard drive.I’ve been playing around in the Apple Music ecosystem quite a bit,…
Encore 141: Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between
Jan 20, 2017
First time on Encore, the podcast. Thomas can no longer commit to a steady podcasting schedule, so Jason has been asking some folks to fill in as guests. I was happy to oblige.via Encore:On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special…
Bombad Radio 263: William C. Dietz and the Original Dark Forces/Rogue One Tale!
Dec 18, 2016
via Bombad Radio:Rogue One is out and to celebrate and NOT spoil anyone, we have an interview with author William C. Dietz who wrote the original tale (or at least one of them) about obtaining the Death Star Plans now overed in canon with Rogue One: A…
Welcome to Geekdom 007: Star Wars Rebels
Nov 15, 2016
I’m back again on Welcome To Geekdom to talk about Star Wars: Rebels, an animated show that started really great and continues getting better all the time.via Welcome To Geekdom:Jacob Tender returns to talk all about Star Wars RebelsFind the full show…
The Shakermaker Podcast 7: “Bring It On Down” with guest Jacob Tender
Oct 24, 2016
Patrick Haynes had me on The Shakermaker Podcast to discuss a song from the first Oasis album. It was a lot of fun. The guy is a HUGE Oasis dork who does his research. If you love Oasis even half as much as he does, you’ll love his show.via The…
Welcome to Geekdom 001: We Watch A Lot of TV
Oct 5, 2016
I was asked to be the pilot guest on Deanna Chapman’s new show Welcome To Geekdom. We talked about TV and how we watch it in a cable cutter’s world. Personally, I use Plex for most of my shows so I went into how that’s helped me organize and stay…
Inside Music 80 - The Death of a Music Blog (with Jacob Tender!)
Jul 7, 2016
via Inside Music:On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell calls returning guest Jacob Tender to discuss the current state of music blogging, the rise of podcasts, and the need for change in the world. This is Jacob’s third time on Inside…
Missaligned 16: Jacob Tender
Feb 4, 2016
I was a guest on Modern Vinyl’s Missaligned podcast this week. The episode is live now. It’s the first time I’ve really talked about music industry stuff in a long time, but the subject matter made for good SXSW panel practice.via Modern Vinyl:This week,…
All Of The Above 016: Magazines
Mar 17, 2015
It was my pleasure to talk to Sam, Sean, and Bryan about magazines, those things you see at the supermarket and your doctors office.via All Of The Above:We sit down with guest Jacob Tender to talk about what’s really a magazine, how can magazine companies…
Inside Music 10: Jacob Tender Returns!
Dec 2, 2014
I sat down with Haulix this morning to talk about my late friend Justin Proper, friendships in the music industry, and what I’m up to lately.via Inside Music:For the first time in our ten-show history we are welcoming back a previous guest. Jacob Tender…
Inside Music 03: Jacob Tender (Substream Magazine)
Aug 30, 2014
I was recently asked by former colleague James Shotwell to join him on an episode of the Inside Music Podcast which is presented by Haulix, a company I really love.In the show, we catch up on how we met, how I got into writing, whether or not you should…