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Natural 2 Natural
A podcast dedicated to bringing women together to connect, share, cultivate a love for our beautiful kinky, coily, curly textured hair. And, to provide advice and tips from passionate hair care experts, like me, to guide them on their journey to the best life possible…..Mind, Body & Hair!

Episode #7 - Her Hair-Story w/ Toia Barry
Oct 12 • 33 min
Have you ever experienced hair envy?! You know, desiring for your hair to be like someone else’s…wanting their texture, their length, or their thickness. Well, even as a Natural Hair Enthusiast, Lifestyle Blogger, and Professional Cosmetologist,…
Episode # 6 - Her Hair Story w/ Corin Wright, Owner of Style Haven
Sep 17 • 36 min
Corin is an On-Set Tailor, Wardrobe Specialist, Entrepreneur, and a Fashion pundit. With over twenty years in the fashion industry, she is a Style Enthusiast that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both her clients and budding fashion…
Episode #5 - Her Hair Story w/ Angela McKnight
Aug 31 • 31 min
Angela V. McKnight, NJ State Assemblywoman, Founder of AngelaCARES, a 501c3 nonprofit, and CEO of Thank HER Now. In 2019, Angela decided that she was DONE! She said “I am done with wearing protective styles. I am done with hiding who I am. I…
Episode # 4 - Her Hair-Story w/ Sheran Pierre
Aug 6 • 28 min
Growing up, Sheran’s aunt mostly did her hair. But her aunt didn’t have enough patience to do my hair because she moved around a lot. So one day, her aunt decided to relax her hair. It was a Saturday. She was 6 years old and her aunt applied the…
Episode #3 - Her Hair-Story w/ Allyson Springett of Mystique Natural
Jul 22 • 35 min
Allyson’s natural hair journey started when my white male endocrinologist asked me why black women relax their hair? She explained to him the challenges we faced with our hair, not just the maintenance but the discrimination in schools and the…
Meko’s Minute - Exercising Benefits For Healthy Hair
Jul 13 • 1 min
Exercise is not just for looking good! It is great for feeling good and improving your overall health…which includes the health of your hair. Here are 3 Hair Benefits from exercising Increases blood circulation to the scalp which in turn nourishes…
Episode #2 - Her Hair-Story w/Chrishan Wright of Blaxit US
Jul 3 • 32 min
Chrishan Wright is the founder of Blaxit US, a company dedicated to informing and empowering Black Americans interested in leaving the U.S. for a new life abroad. In this episode, Chrishan shares her hair journey and how at 13, she convinced her mom…
Episode # 1 - Quarantined Self-Care
Jun 19 • 8 min
We have all been affected by being quarantined in some way. For some of us, that includes our hair care routine. If this is you, you can find some comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. But until then, I’ve shared some valuable gems to help you If…
Welcome To the Natural 2 Natural Podcast!
Jun 11 • 2 min
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