Borrowed Wisdom with Robert Barry Fleming

Borrowed Wisdom with Robert Barry Fleming
Theatre in the 21st-century is an inherently interdisciplinary craft and Robert Barry Fleming, Executive Artistic Director at Actors Theatre of Louisville, finds inspiration everywhere. Each week, Robert talks with an unrivaled expert, full of ideas, strategies and challenges around their work, then investigates that which is consonant and connected to how they navigate their discipline and their world no matter what the field. It’s a podcast about that which we can learn from one another when such learning is approached with a spirit of openness.

Fighting for Justice in Louisville: legacy, evolution, and the next generation, ft Lisa Gunterman (LGBT Center at University of Louisville)
Aug 11 • 37 min
Lisa Gunterman is the Director for the LGBT Center at the University of Louisville, and a lifelong social justice organizer with nearly 30 years of experience in non-profit, social justice and government sectors. As a co-founder of Louisville’s Fairness…
Investing in Mental Health and Combating Trauma, ft Nancy Brooks (NAMI Louisville) and Donna Pollard (Survivors’ Corner)
Aug 6 • 69 min
Robert chats with two local mental health and advocacy experts - Nancy Brooks and Donna Pollard - to explore combating isolation, fear, anxiety in quarantine, intergenerational trauma, and cultural obstacles to mental health resources and healing. Content…
Witnessing and Reflecting That Which Can’t Be Expressed, ft Nataki Garrett
Jul 28 • 59 min
Robert and Nataki share their experiences directing stories of enslavement, transitioning from performance to leadership, and being an artist during the paradigm shift we’re experiencing today. Nataki Garrett is Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s sixth…
Cultural Recovery and Imagining the Future, ft Christen Boone (Fund for the Arts)
Jul 21 • 38 min
Robert and Christen discuss investing in Louisville’s cultural future, building capacity within our arts organizations, and evolving local philanthropy towards more inclusive and relevant support. Christen Boone is the President & CEO of the Fund for the…
“Why church? Why theatre?,” ft Rev. Dr. Shannon Craigo-Snell
Jul 14 • 45 min
Shannon Craigo-Snell joins Robert to explore Christianity, theatremaking, and the great American project through the lenses of performance, practice, and doubleness. Shannon Craigo-Snell is a theologian and a faculty member at Louisville Presbyterian…
COVID-19 and Systemic Racism: Dual Public Health Crises, ft Dr. Monalisa Tailor
Jul 7 • 64 min
Dr. Monalisa Tailor shares a COVID-19 primer and chats with Robert about being “the first” in leadership positions and approaching healthcare from a human-first perspective. Monalisa Tailor, MD is a practicing outpatient internist with Norton Community…
Feeding Louisville and Empowering the Next Generation, ft Chef Nikkia Rhodes (McAtee Community Kitchen)
Jun 30 • 33 min
Robert talks to Chef Nikkia Rhodes about serving Louisville, leadership, and empowering the next generation in and out of the kitchen. 📚 References: McAtee Community Kitchen: Kentucky to the World “The…
Radical Hospitality, Extravagant Welcome, and Transforming Communities, ft Dr. David Anderson Hooker
Jun 23 • 41 min
Robert talks to Dr. David Anderson Hooker about radical hospitality, extravagant welcome, and building community after conflict and protest. 📚 References: The Little Book of Transformative Community Conferencing: A Hopeful, Practical Approach to Dialogue…
Abolition, Redlining, and Louisville, ft Joshua Poe (Root Cause Research Center)
Jun 16 • 51 min
Joshua Poe, co-founder of the Root Cause Research Center in Louisville, joins Robert to discuss racial capitalism, redlining, and the Breonna Taylor protests. Recorded June 4, 2020. Root Cause Research Center: 📚…
Introducing Borrowed Wisdom
Jun 12 • 0 min
A new podcast from Actors Theatre of Louisville, hosted by Executive Artistic Director Robert Barry Fleming. Season one coming soon!