Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future

Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future
An IPBES podcast

Brigitte Baptiste: Show Me the Value(s)!
Aug 11 • 31 min
Values drive behaviour and are at the heart of all decisions. So how do we value nature? Is it economic or aesthetic or cultural? IPBES recently launched a major expert assessment on values to answer all of these questions and more. This week, Brit talks…
Samata, Marie-Claire Daveu: Bending the Curve with Business
Aug 4 • 30 min
Every part of society has a vital role to play in protecting nature. Business has not typically been an ally to biodiversity, but this could be changing. This week’s guests are Samata and Marie-Claire Daveu. Samata is the CEO of the Red Carpet Green Dress…
Dr. David Obura: The New Natural
Jul 28 • 31 min
Coral reefs are iconic, but we have all seen the images of bleached areas that were previously teeming with life and colour. These ecosystems, and more broadly coastlines, are a vital part of the efforts to protect biodiversity. So how are coral reefs…
Prof. Kai Chan: Choose Your Own Adventure
Jul 21 • 31 min
In the IPBES Global Assessment report, we learnt that to safeguard all life on Earth, we need transformative change. So what does that mean? How can we make it happen? This week’s guest is Kai Chan. He is a professor at the University of British Columbia…
Billy Offland, Dr. Anne Poelina: Wake up the Snake
Jul 14 • 31 min
How do we incorporate different knowledge systems in the battle for biodiversity? Billy Offland set off on a 2-year journey to learn about conservation from as many different people as possible. In his travels, he met Dr. Anne Poelina in the Kimberley in…
Dr. Peter Daszak: Disease X
Jul 7 • 31 min
The COVID-19 pandemic took most of us by surprise, but not Dr. Peter Daszak. As a zoologist and expert on emerging diseases, he has been training his entire life for this kind of crisis. He is the president of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit NGO that…
Introducing Nature Insight
Jun 26 • 1 min
Join Rob and Brit as they ‘speed date’ with the future! Each week, they will introduce you to people with unique insights into the values of nature and our relationship with it. Subscribe now to learn how to make better choices about protecting all life…