Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal

Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal
Revealing Profits & Strategies Using Paid Ads

What You Need To Know About Google Removing Keyword Transparency For Advertisers
Sep 25 • 14 min
Google recently released an alert that they plan to change their Search Terms report to only show keywords that are searched by a “significant number of users”. In this episode, Andy discusses what this means for advertisers and the ongoing optimization…
Google Can Keep Their Stinkin’ Ping Pong Table Because I’m Not Doin’ It
Sep 18 • 15 min
In this episode, Andy discusses the perks of being an official Google Partner agency including the rewards that Google offers. In addition, to what Google offers (more interesting to advertisers) is for why they offer. Discover why advertisers should be…
Just Selling Products Will NOT Inspire Loyalty
Sep 11 • 15 min
In this episode, Andy discusses how companies need to move past simply selling products to substantially grow when selling commodities. Pulling on concepts from the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek, this episode provides a story of an egg manufacturer…
Importance of Adding Unique, Fresh Content To Your Website with Don Simkovich
Sep 4 • 28 min
In this episode, Andy discusses the importance of adding unique, fresh content to your website with brand journalist, Don Simkovich. Don Simkovick is a freelance brand journalist for From a media background in newspaper and radio,…
Running Your Business In A Pandemic with Michael Levine
Aug 28 • 27 min
Curious what the man dubbed the ‘America’s Branding Expert’ by CNN has to say about running your business during a global pandemic? Prepare to find out and how discover how you can use his advice during these turbulent times. Within this episode, Andy…
The Formula For Successful Advertising
Aug 21 • 12 min
In this episode, Andy takes a deep dive into the steps involved using Marketing ROI. Marketing based on ROI (return on investment) breaks down into four actionable steps: track, measure, test and repeat. Discover more about each step as well as what all…
Great Is Not A Goal – Especially When It Comes to Conversion Rates
Aug 14 • 16 min
In this episode, Andy references Steve Sims’ book Bluefishing - The Art of Making Things Happen. A major point of the book is that great should never be a goal and your goal should be to strive to be better today then you were yesterday. Andy takes that…
Protecting Your Google Spend From Fraudulent Clicks with Neil Andrew of PPC Protect
Aug 7 • 24 min
In this episode, Andy is joined by Neil Andrew from PPC Protect. Listen to discover exactly what click fraud is and how you can use PPC Protect to save money inside your Google ads budget by eliminating fraudulent clicks. Also discover what happens if you…
Amazon - The Call of The Sirens
Jul 31 • 13 min
Are you currently listing or thinking about listing your products on Amazon? Wondering whether you are simply handing your customers over to Amazon? Wondering if you should continue to advertise using Amazon? Tired of Amazon’s fees? In this episode, Andy…
Beware of The Phone Call From Google
Jul 24 • 16 min
If you are advertising using Google, you will likely at some point receive a call from a Google representative. In this episode, Andy discusses the true motivation of calls behind those friendly Google Account Strategist and guess what? It is not purely…
Focusing On Your Current Customers Is Key To Long-Term Business Success
Jul 17 • 13 min
In this episode, Andy discusses the importance of your customers and retaining long-term customer relationships. Through his recent experience, you can glimpse the value of a long-term customer. In addition, this episode details strategies for both…
Discussing Search Solutions With Your Store Wizards, Don Cole
Jul 9 • 17 min
In this episode, Andy discusses the benefits of using a 3rd party search tool with Don Cole, the owner and operator of Your Store Wizards. Discover how including a 3rd party search tool can help increase your conversion rate on your eCommerce website. By…
Acres of Diamonds With Craig Valine
Jul 3 • 21 min
In this episode, Andy discusses marketing strategies with marketing performance strategist and founder of EMP Alliance, Craig Valine. Craig Valine focuses on enhancing marketing performance getting his clients better results from their marketing for about…
Wrangling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value
Jun 29 • 14 min
When evaluating the success of your advertising, you typically look at key metrics such as ROAS (return on ad spend) or ROI (return on investment). These metrics are both important when calculating the success of your paid advertising although they do not…
Differences Between Using Google Ads For Ecommerce vs. Professional Services With Mark Kelly
Jun 19 • 21 min
Andy discusses using Google Ads for Professional Services with the founder of Inbound Revenue, Mark Kelly. There are subtle yet significant differences and within this episode two SEM agency owners discuss what those differences are as they relate to…
Resuming Paid Advertising In A Post COVID World
Jun 12 • 10 min
Over the last few weeks as areas across the country have begun to slowly reopen, many of my private clients who paused their online advertising back in March have decided to relaunch their Google Ads Campaigns. I’m excited to announce that I’m seeing…
It Starts With A Single Step
Jun 8 • 10 min
An introduction to the Make Each Click Count Podcast and host Andy Splichal. Discover how starting to advertise using Google Ads is like the jack black newbie who first goes to Las Vegas.