Champagne Strategy

Champagne Strategy
A show which deconstructs world-class business strategy, growth, marketing and the latest tech with just a sprinkling of Champagne. WARNING: not suitable for junior professionals Some of the most knowledgeable people in these areas keep a low profile and are rarely heard. We uncover these high-performing, but perhaps less-famous players and ask them probing questions about their specialty. These people don’t just ‘think’ and ‘talk’ - they are also the ‘doers’. They’ll have battle scars to show, skin in the game and money in play. Learn from their practical, BS-free wisdom

Robin Daniels on marketing in the tech world - Confessions of a tech CMO - Episode 8
Jul 27 • 61 min
How do you do marketing for a tech company? Well we asked someone who’s been there since the first tech bubble pop in 2001. We learn how marketing in the tech world has changed over the past 20 years. What’s stayed the same and what’s changed. What’s the…
Edgar Baum on how to measure brands and their contribution to revenue using mathematics and valuation standards - Episode 7
Jul 5 • 96 min
There’s the brand marketers on one side and then there’s Edgar Baum on the other. He has mathematically proven the complex relationship between brand and revenue. Edgar is even called as an expert witness in court cases, and has developed an ISO valuation…
Louise Broekman on sourcing the best business advice and modern growth strategy. Advisory Boards - Episode 6
Jul 2 • 70 min
There’s nothing worse than acting on poor advice. Sometimes it can be better to do nothing at all in retrospect. As a business owner, how to you ensure that you’re receiving the best quality advice at the time? What are the different options out there and…
Shadi Taleb on breakthroughs in mass customization technology - Product Personalization - Episode 4
Jun 28 • 85 min
Post COVID the online economy is booming but which retailers are being left behind? What new technology is out there to help retailers replicate the in-store experience online? What does retail look like in the future as traditional, globalised production…
Anton Buchner talks positioning strategy. How to pivot your way to marketing and business success - Episode 3
Jun 28 • 74 min
We’ve all heard, “how you say something” is sometimes more important than “what you say” but is true in business. Sometimes it’s not your product or what you’re selling that’s important, but how you sell it and pitch it to the market that makes the…
Tim Beanland uncovers the world of podcasting and production - Episode 2
Jun 25 • 54 min
By tapping into Tim’s first hand knowledge we provide you with many juicy details which you can take away and either start or manage a successful podcast. This is one of our ‘expert guide’ episodes where we delve into one particular marketing channel in…
Andrew Walker’s multi-million dollar success and the Growth Mindset - Episode 1
Jun 5 • 100 min
We’ve brought Andrew Walker back into the spotlight by convincing him to do his first podcast interview in years. He’s modest and usually keeps a low profile but he’s one of the best examples of how powerful the growth mindset can be on someone’s life.…