Don't Ask Me

Don't Ask Me
Oliver Gray and Rich Williams are sent to their rooms to have a good think about what they’ve done.

008: The Chuck Prophet Special
Aug 30 • 51 min
Oliver and Rich discuss Chuck Prophet and just what it takes to make the monkey dance. Oliver pulls off John Murry and Rich falls off a bus.
007: Glued-on Leather Trousers
Jul 14 • 45 min
Oliver and Rich discuss confusing names, German pop-stars, and never-ending guitar solos. Oliver writes some tunes and Rich gets stuck behind a curtain.
006: Hampshire Comical
Jul 7 • 44 min
Oliver and Rich discuss premium strength lager, famous siblings and local newspapers. Oliver gets dive-bombed by Stukas while Rich, Pete, Sam and Becs massacre a tight 36.
005: He was Kreuzberg before Kreuzberg
Jun 30 • 41 min
Oliver and Rich discuss being in a good band, being in a bad band, and being in a band with Ron Purse. Oliver gets interrupted by Lucy and Rich sees a pattern forming.
004: Badger-Meinhof
Jun 22 • 45 min
Oliver and Rich discuss Rock Club, dodgy DJs, bad teachers, and the Comic Sans of the chattering classes. Oliver buys a cheap house off a woman in a Portakabin, while Rich activates the Potter’s Wheel protocol.
003: Zander Special
Jun 12 • 38 min
Oliver and Rich discuss Oliver’s book ‘Zander’. Meanwhile, Melvyn Bragg is on holiday.
002: Evil Hattie Jacques
Jun 11 • 44 min
Oliver and Rich discuss mint cake, crampons and the Baader–Meinhof Gang. Along the way, Oliver commits an act of vandalism in a newsagents’ car park, and Rich and his friends do a spot of crowd control at a royal wedding.
001: A Pill Box for Pasties
Jun 7 • 46 min
Oliver and Rich discuss schools, pies, emergency brandy and Oliver’s repetitive eating habits. Oliver explains why some people do German and others do French, and Rich has a horrific story about mouthpieces.