Stephanie Hoover Has That Story

Stephanie Hoover Has That Story
Whether it’s history, crime or legend, non-fiction author Stephanie Hoover has that story. Join Stephanie for concise, yet intriguing, discussions of cultural history, historical true crime, and folklore. It’s “history-tainment” at its finest.

Werewolves: The Legends of Lycanthropy
Oct 19 • 9 min
Werewolves: The Legends of Lycanthropy
Vampires: The Origin of the Myth
Oct 12 • 8 min
Stephanie tells the story of the surprising origins of the vampire myth.
Grave Robbing, Human Dissection and Science: The Surprising History of Body Snatching
Oct 5 • 9 min
The surprising history of body snatching and how modern medicine relied on it.
The 1858 “Eliza Battle” Sinking: America’s Most Famous Ghost Ship
Sep 28 • 8 min
The 1857 Sinking of the Eliza Battle, America’s most famous ghost ship.
Dr. Zimmerly’s House of Horrors: Hell on Earth in Rural Pennsylvania
Sep 21 • 10 min
Neighbors thought Dr. Zimmerly’s house was haunted. The truth was far more horrifying.
The 1969 Vietnam Draft Lottery: 90 Minutes Changed the Lives of Half a Million Men
Sep 14 • 9 min
The 1969 Vietnam draft lottery changed the lives of nearly half a million men - and it was over in 90 minutes.
The Killing of John Sharpless: A Rich White Man, an Innocent Black Man, and a Complete Absence of Justice
Sep 8 • 17 min
The Killing of John Sharpless: the 19th century story of a rich white man and the innocent black man unjustly accused of murdering him.
Labor Day 1921: Miss America, Women’s Rights and the Double Standard That Divided Them
Aug 31 • 10 min
Labor Day 1921 marked the start of the first Miss America pageant - and the double-standard suffered by working women.
The 1934 Kelayres Massacre: A Bloody Chapter in American Political History
Aug 24 • 17 min
The 1934 Kelayres Massacre is one of the most violent - yet least known - chapters in American political history.
Rose Mackenberg: Harry Houdini’s Right Hand Woman Was a Force in Her Own Right
Aug 17 • 11 min
The story of Rose Mackenberg - far more than just Houdini’s investigator.
Pennsylvania’s Hex Murders
Aug 10 • 11 min
Pennsylvania’s two most famous “hex murders.”
Insured to Death: Life Insurance and the Crimes It Inspired
Aug 3 • 11 min
A history of life insurance and the crimes it inspired.
Six Things You Don’t Know about the Kennedy Assassination
Jul 26 • 12 min
Here are six things you probably didn’t know about the most famous murder in American history, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Joseph Faurot and the First Fingerprint Conviction
Jul 20 • 10 min
The history of fingerprints in criminal investigation.
Did Spiritualists Kill Harry Houdini?
Jul 13 • 12 min
Was Harry Houdini murdered by vengeful Spiritualists angered by his exposés of fraudulent mediums? Find out in this episode.
The FBI and the Black Dahlia
Jul 6 • 11 min
The FBI’s little-known involvement in the Black Dahlia murder investigation was critical to case.
Psychic Detectives: Usually Right - in Hindsight
Jun 29 • 13 min
Psychic Detectives: Usually Right - in Hindsight
A Special Father’s Day Episode: Romer Troxell and His Murdered Son
Jun 21 • 10 min
The bond between father Romer Troxell and his son Charlie continued after death.
The Disappearance of Agatha Christie
Jun 15 • 8 min
For eleven days in December 1926, the world had only one question: Where is Agatha Christie?
Luminol and the Sam Sheppard Murder Trial
Jun 8 • 6 min
Luminol and the Sam Sheppard Case
The History of Rogues Galleries
Jun 5 • 10 min
The History of Rogues Galleries
The Locked Room Murder of Joseph Elwell
Jun 4 • 12 min
The Murder of Joseph Elwell