Open Comms

Open Comms
An Eve Online related podcast in the style of a bar room chat among friends.

10: Command
Aug 3 • 118 min
Dylana and Ivy join us as we get to the next round of Proving Grounds with 5 pilot destroyer free for all. Also command ships get some boosts.
09: Memorial
Jul 27 • 124 min
The memorial to fallen players was deployed. We are joined by Ivy and Dylana who also bring up plans for next year Toronto and New Orleans meets.
08: Proving Grounds
Jul 21 • 121 min
Proving Grounds are live, the war continues, and Zenith is on the horizon. YouTube URL for the trailer if you need it:
o7: Return of the Grath
Jul 12 • 119 min
The war has brought some familiar faces back to Eve. Grath and Hedliner both join us to discuss the war and anything else we tangent onto.
06: Happy 4th
Jul 12 • 120 min
Hope those in the States had a good July 4th and those in Canada a good Canada Day on the 1st! New updates coming later in July we get into as well as some awful Country Roads singing. Sorry.
05: Eve North Throwback
Jun 28 • 105 min
Eve North would have been this week, but was unfortunately canceled for COVID. Instead we are joined by the organizers to share stories from last year’s event.
04: Banter Night
Jun 20 • 119 min
A bit light on news this week so we tangent where the Tito’s takes us.
03: CSM 15 Elected
Jun 13 • 119 min
The Council of Stellar Management 15 has been revealed: Brisc Rubal, Gobbins, Innominate, Kenneth Feld, Maria Taylor, Merkelchan, Mike Azariah, Phantomite, Torvald Uruz, Vily. We chat about the results.
02: EDENCOM Review
Jun 6 • 121 min
We are joined by CCP Convict and progodlegend to discuss the new EDENCOM ships coming out June 15 and the Triglavian invasion.
01: Channel Premiere
May 31 • 122 min
We have launched the new Twitch channel: ! This week we discuss the upcoming CSM elections along with watching some of the candidates’ promotion videos. CSM candidates (including the hosts) are Blazingbunny, Brisc Rubal,…