Trendhim's Tell Your Story Podcast

Trendhim's Tell Your Story Podcast
Everybody has a story to tell. While we’ve probably all heard that line before… it’s still true. It’s so true that we created a podcast just to give guys the chance for their stories to be heard. Listening to superstar celebrities and billion-doll

Make Them Ask How, Not Why
Jul 17 • 14 min
Do you ever catch your reflection and immediately start correcting something… the way you’re walking, standing, carrying your bag? For professional ballet dancer Alfie Jago, self-criticism is a normal part of his day. In this episode, hear how he turned…
You Versus the World. Who Wins?
Jul 17 • 8 min
Have you ever wanted to be someone else? To change your name, throw on a disguise and conquer the world? In this episode, we meet Jude Aston and hear how many of us have already created characters… whether we realise it or not. Listen to Jude Aston’s…
When the Side Effect Isn’t a Headache
Jul 13 • 9 min
When you think of a conversation starter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For Matthias Käsbohrer, it’s as simple as putting on a hat. In this episode, hear how he’s becoming dandy and the side effects of being the best-dressed man at the…
What Does a Competitive Karateka do Next?
Jul 6 • 11 min
What would you do if the road you were on suddenly caved in? Would anyone blame you for sitting at home and giving up? In this episode, Maarten Van der Auwera talks about the time his competitive karate life got cancelled, how giving up was never an…
What Did a Robot Ever do to You?
Jun 29 • 18 min
What’s the first thing you do when traveling somewhere new? Very few of us blindly walk into the great unknown without opening a map app. Learning how to navigate is part of life. It’s different than just following the flow and hoping for the best… it’s…
The One About a Barrel on Fire
Jun 22 • 18 min
What kind of bedtime stories did you hear as a kid? This one isn’t one of those. In this episode, Wyatt Espalin tells us how his grandmother could spin a tale of fire and death in a way that would keep any child up at night. And how he turns each of his…
The Story That Started It All (and cheap karate lessons)
May 26 • 12 min
Have you ever heard someone say that ‘success is just around the corner’? The thing they don’t tell you is exactly how long that corner is. In this episode, Mikkel Andersen talks about the longest corner of his life and how one necklace started a…