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StephenGray Vision
Hard-won insights and knowledge on spiritual awakening, psychedelics, cannabis, and the future of humanity. Inspirational interviews with visionaries and thought-leaders.

Wade Davis on Psychedelics, Shamanism, & Culture: StephenGray Vision Interview
Sep 21 • 67 min
Wade Davis is one of the world’s leading voices on behalf of cultural- and bio-diversity. Here he shares such penetrating insights as: how psychedelics have catalyzed major cultural shifts; psychedelics as subversive agents of liberation; the war on drugs…
Psychedelic Feminism - For Everyone: StephenGray Vision Interviews Zoe Helene
Sep 8 • 72 min
Zoe Helene is a visionary and a pioneer. She coined the term “psychedelic feminism” and founded Cosmic Sister to support women of all ethnicities in the field of psychedelics. Here she talks about such timely topics as: the centrality of nature in…
Mayan Wisdom: StephenGray Vision Interviews Nan Shuni Giron
Aug 25 • 62 min
Nan Shuni Giron is truly a force of nature. She is an internationally recognized Guatemalan shamanic plant healer; ceremonial leader known as Mayan Ajq’iij; Mayan calendar day keeper; spiritual guide; environmentalist – and a whole lot more. Here she…
Birthing the New Global Vision: StephenGray Vision interviews Bruce Damer
Aug 10 • 68 min
Bruce Damer is an astrobiologist but more importantly for our purposes here, one of our truly great visionaries. Topics discussed include: Plant medicines are doorways into the numinous field; Intention is generating a “meta-organism”—a “global body” is…
Awakening to a New Reality: StephenGray Vision interviews Padrinho Paulo Roberto
Jul 27 • 83 min
Padrinho Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza is a deeply spiritual man who has experienced the light of divine reality and has influenced thousands as an educator, activist, and minister/ceremony leader in the Brazilian ayahuasca-using Santo Daime religion. Here…
Psychedelics as Consciousness Medicine: StephenGray Vision interviews Françoise Bourzat
Jul 15 • 63 min
After 40 years on plant medicine pathways—often studying with Mazatec wisdom carriers in Oaxaca, Mexico—and 25 years teaching psychedelic therapists and guides, Françoise Bourzat has earned her wisdom. Here she discusses the need for well-trained…
Secrets of the Sacred Mushroom: with Michael Stuart Ani
Jun 23 • 66 min
StephenGray Vision interviews Michael Stuart Ani. Michael is a truly remarkable character. He has spent much of his adult life with indigenous people in Central and South America where he has learned a number of the languages and has been instrumental in…
Wisdom of a Psychedelic Elder: StephenGray Vision interviews Dennis McKenna
Jun 11 • 61 min
Dennis McKenna is truly one of the great elder spokespeople of the psychedelic, plant medicine world. From his youthful adventures through wild jungles of South America with his still-influential brother Terence McKenna to his continued commitment to…
LSD and the Mind of the Universe: StephenGray Vision interviews Chris Bache.
May 28 • 67 min
Chris Bache is a brilliant visionary. Between 1979 and 1999 he undertook an extremely demanding journey of 73 high-dose private LSD sessions (with a sitter.) In every session ‘he’ broke out beyond the self into the vast intelligences of the universe. The…