Change Insurance

Change Insurance
Insurance sounds different when you start to change it, come listen for yourself. Change Insurance is an RPS podcast dedicated to helping you make the impossible, possible in your agency. We’re all trying to change the way we sell insurance, so we’re going to talk to people across the industry about the best and most exciting ways to do it.

Everything You Need to Know About Transportation Right Now
Jul 13 • 20 min
A lot has been happening with trucks on and off the road for the last several months. The good news is, it seems like everyone is starting to get back to work. Before they do, you’ll want to talk with your clients to make sure they’re carrying…
Is There a Good Way to Protect a Crisis?
Jul 8 • 23 min
In some way, that’s what every insurance policy was designed to do. It’s the size and severity of the crisis that was always in question. Now, more than ever, we realize that word can take on many enhanced levels of meaning. But are…
Do You Have the Ability to Identify Problems?
Jul 1 • 26 min
The truth is, anyone can present a solution. The true value comes in your ability to tell someone what can happen before it does. That’s one of the main reason insurance exists in the first place. However, it’s a skill often lost in the…
What Happens When Wholesale Insurance is a Better Deal?
Jun 26 • 15 min
It’s fairly well known that the more hands you have in the cookie jar, the fewer cookies there are to go around. That assumption is also one that has been made about the commercial insurance buying processes. Of course, allowing an extra hand in…
How to Get Started Selling Lawyers Professional Liability
Jun 22 • 25 min
There’s always a moment of excitement when you decided to start selling a new line of business. Of course, that excitement is quickly followed by a level of concern surrounding your knowledge of the product and your ability to find clients. That’s a…
Why You Need to Focus on Your Clients More
Jun 19 • 22 min
The amount of attention you give your most important clients right now could make or break your renewal chances. It might sound like a simple task, but things become much harder when the way you conduct business becomes a moving target. New technology…
What Will the Demand for Insurance Look Like Now?
Jun 15 • 28 min
The way we protect clients moving forward will be different than before. That might seem like an obvious statement, but it’s one we have only begun to see the realities take hold. New coverages will be considered at an unexperienced rate, and…
This is What You Need to Know About Construction Insurance
Jun 5 • 21 min
It’s exciting times as the country slowly starts to get back to work, especially building and fixing things again. As construction work continues to pick back up, there are a lot of uncertainties about how these new job sites will be impacted by our…
How to Improve Your Insurance Reaction Time
Jun 4 • 27 min
It’s no secret the insurance industry has been slow to change the way it does things. It’s hard to motivate change when it’s thrived for so long and through so many circumstances. Now, the industry is being tested like it never has before. The…
Preparing for the Future of Transportation Insurance
Jun 3 • 15 min
It has been feast or famine for the transportation industry during these extended times of isolation. On one hand, the need to deliver goods to every corner of the world has never been higher. However, at the same time, people aren’t going anywhere….
How to Focus on Work That Changes Your Agency
Jun 2 • 32 min
There a good chance you might have gained a new perspective on your agency over the last few months. Now that you’ve had no choice to take some time apart from it, at least physically anyway, you might have finally found the space to reflect on your…
What You Need to Know About Insuring Telemedicine
Jun 1 • 17 min
As a result of social distancing and the overall strain on the medical community, telemedicine has become more important than ever. But, the big question is, what does that mean for your clients Medical Professional Liability coverage? James McNitt,…