The VR Æxperience

The VR Æxperience
A podcast recorded within the metaverse. Exploring philosophy, religion, and science.

The Reality Check Paradox
Aug 11 • 43 min
How do we check that reality is reality after exiting virtual reality? + viewer submitted questions
Virtual Cavemen
Jul 28 • 71 min
Talking with EricG about job automation, technological dopamine & the age of working from home.
Enter the Metaverse
Jul 15 • 44 min
What is the Metaverse, where did it originate, & where is it headed?
Anime, Ai, & the 2030’s
Jul 6 • 71 min
A conversation with Wman22 about the future, AGI, being stuck in VR & Anime.
Virtual Immortality
Jun 29 • 39 min
How would society react to life-extension through full-dive VR?
A Conversation in VR w/Phia
Jun 22 • 51 min
Phia is a streamer, VR enthusiast & host of the internet show “The Virtual Reality Show” See more of her work here:
TempleOS: The Digital Oracle
Jun 16 • 41 min
Terrence A. Davis was a programmer who created the cryptic operating system TempleOS. His story is a puzzling series of events, let’s enter the rabbit hole. [Sponsored by @]
The History of VR
Jun 8 • 46 min
A look at the timeline of VR development from the 1800’s to 2020.
Dawn of the New Everything
Jun 2 • 5 min
A short excerpt from Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality by Jaron Lanier Purchase: