Catholic Life Podcast

Catholic Life Podcast
Exploring and engaging the world through the eyes and heart of the Catholic Faith. Visit us on YouTube at Saint John Parish to watch videos of the Catholic Life Podcast.

8: Presence of God in Your Life | CLP
Aug 3 • 55 min
It’s easy to lose sight of God when we get caught up in the flow and chaos of everyday life, but He never loses sight of us. Are you setting your sight on God? How is He present in your life?
7: Can Bread and Wine REALLY turn into Flesh and Blood? | CLP
Jul 22 • 47 min
It’s one thing to believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus, but has the bread and wine at Mass ever actually turned into REAL FLESH AND BLOOD? We’re picking up on our conversation on miracles with a look at Eucharistic Miracles. What they…
6: Can You Believe in Miracles? | CLP
Jul 13 • 47 min
We’re exploring the reality of miracles. Are they just a bunch of superstitious beliefs or is there something TRIED, TRUE and REAL about miracles and miraculous events?
5: Covid Conundrum | CLP
Jun 24 • 46 min
Discussing the Covid Conundrum and trying to figure out what side is up
4: Technology, Pornography pitfalls and Living Virtuously | CLP
Jun 20 • 41 min
Discussing technology, how to use it virtuously, avoiding the vices and identifying one of the biggest tech pitfalls pornography.
3: Racism, Healing and George Floyd | CLP
Jun 11 • 35 min
Reflecting on the death of George Floyd, the issue of Racism and the recent protests and riots.
2: Follower or Disciple - Which One Are You? | CLP
Jun 3 • 47 min
Explore the difference between being a follower or being a disciple of Jesus.
1: Sharing Jesus (in the middle of a Pandemic?!) | CLP
May 31 • 47 min
Sharing Jesus and the power of His Gospel with others