Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ

Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ
For the Summit View Church of Christ community, Cross Section offers a mix of faith-based stories about experiences that have shaped our lives as followers of Jesus, brief and inspiring messages from the Scriptures, dives into topics related to Christian living, and each week’s sermon (in case you missed it).

Sunday Sermon - July 5, 2020: The Faith of Enoch
Jul 5 • 34 min
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen - We know very little about Enoch. Yet what we do know inspires us to grow in faith, to walk with God, and to look ahead to God’s rewards for those who seek him. From Hebrews 11:5-6 and Genesis 5:1-24.
Thoughts from an Open Bible: What Circumstances Can Do to You
Jul 3 • 3 min
The Israelites heard that God would help them, and they were encouraged. Then circumstances got tough, and they despaired. Don’t let circumstances keep you from listening to God. A devotional thought for today from Jim Mendenhall.
Faithful Flexibility
Jul 1 • 9 min
It’s hard to make plans right now. The COVID-19 virus throws all schedules and agendas awry. So this is a great time to practice the spiritual discipline of “faithful flexibility”: being flexible because we acknowledge God as sovereign over our schedules…
Sunday Sermon - June 28, 2020: The Faith of Abel
Jun 28 • 32 min
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — Faith is not blind. It is built on the evidence of God’s great actions in the past, evidence so convincing that it persuades us to imagine that God will be faithful again, as he has always…
Thoughts from an Open Bible — He Is Genuine
Jun 26 • 3 min
Timothy was a man the church could respect as genuine in his faith and love—and he is a model for us to follow. Jim Mendenhall brings us another instructive devotional thought in this continuing series.
Parenting and Teaching During a Pandemic
Jun 24 • 31 min
Conversation with Johnny Gallegos, teacher, student, husband, and father of three young children on the challenges of teaching, studying, and parenting during the pandemic. Includes thoughts on the message of Ecclesiastes for helping us keep our focus on…
Sunday Sermon, June 21, 2020: The River of Life
Jun 21 • 25 min
Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — God’s presence and rule in our lives is like a mighty river that brings life wherever it flows. God offered humanity this river in the beginning, will restore it to his people at the end, and offers…
Thoughts from an Open Bible — Will Your Anchor Hold?
Jun 19 • 3 min
Jim Mendenhall offers another brief word of instruction, this time from Hebrews 6:19-20 on the anchor that keeps our souls firm and secure.
A Teacher and a Professor on Education During the Pandemic
Jun 17 • 43 min
Third-grade teacher Caralee Thomason and college professor Bill Wayenberg join Kevin Jensen for an in-depth conversation on their experiences as educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics range from teachers’ learning curve in online communication…
Sunday Sermon, June 14, 2020: Breath for Dry Bones
Jun 14 • 29 min
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, June 14, 2020 — As God’s breath (his Spirit) renewed the life of Israel after the nation’s destruction by the Babylonians, and as God breathed new life into Jesus to raise him from the dead, so God also breathes new life…
Thoughts from an Open Bible — A 200-Year-Old Bible
Jun 12 • 3 min
Jim Mendenhall continues this series of short messages from the Bible with the story of a family’s 200-year-old Bible. But it’s not a Bible’s age that makes it valuable.
Three Preachers on Ministry During a Pandemic
Jun 10 • 46 min
Two ministers from our neighborhood—Curt Still from the Church of Christ in Grandview, Washington, and Derrick Allen from the Church of Christ in Ellensburg, Washington—join Kevin Jensen for a discussion on what it’s been like to minister to churches…
Sunday Sermon, June 7, 2020 “Faith in Hiding”
Jun 7 • 28 min
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, June 7, 2020 — Many of us must worship alone in our homes for now. But we are not alone. We stand in a long heritage of people who have worshiped God alone or in small groups, because of isolation or perhaps because of…
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Should the Squeaky Wheel Get the Grease?
Jun 5 • 4 min
A brief message from Jim Mendenhall on the fairness of God as he treats us all equally, and how we should do the same. The first message in a new series, “Thoughts from an Open Bible.”
Interview with Health Care Workers on the Pandemic’s Front Line
Jun 3 • 32 min
Kevin Jensen interviews two members of our church, Beth Luke and Onyi Amanari. Both are Family Nurse Practitioners and Doctors of Nursing Practice, and both are on the front lines of caring for the sick in the Yakima community during the COVID-19…
Sunday Sermon, May 31, 2020 “Faith in Poverty”
Jun 2 • 32 min
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, May 31, 2020 — As we encounter uncertain economic times, and as the threat of a loss of income and even bankruptcy looms for many, how should we who follow Jesus think about wealth and poverty?
Cross Section Trailer
May 21 • 3 min
Welcome to Cross Section! Listen to hear our plans for this brand new podcast from the Summit View Church of Christ in Yakima, Washington, USA.