Big On Small - The Official Small Business Podcast

Big On Small - The Official Small Business Podcast
Big on Small explores the big ideas that are helping small organizations survive and thrive.

Becoming a Trusted Brand with Dominic Vogel & Cyber.SC (Mini-Episode)
Oct 21 • 9 min
In this mini-episode, Cyber.SC’s Dominic Vogel offers a set of simple, actionable steps to help businesses ensure their data and that which their customers entrust them with is secure, also securing your reputation as a trusted brand.
A Better Day Tomorrow with Edie Hand
Oct 7 • 57 min
Edie Hand acclaimed celebrity chef, author, philanthropist, speaker, business woman and cousin to Elvis Presley shares how she’s overcame the biggest challenges in business and in life.
One Vs. One Hundred (Mini-Episode)
Sep 9 • 7 min
Have you been in an interview and been asked a fun yet kinda bizarre scenario question? When we interview anyone to join our small business, we always ask them a specific question: Would you rather fight ONE horse-sized duck or ONE HUNDRED duck-sized…
Wine Not Make History? with Donna Stoney
Aug 26 • 51 min
Donna Stoney, Founder of Stoney Wines, is breaking down barriers and perception as Oregon’s first back female head winemaker but this was not her first history making endeavor. Discover how Donna’s big decision to follow her passions resulted in…
Against All Odds with Mark Hutchinson
Aug 12 • 54 min
In this episode, we’ve hit the jackpot! Literally. The lottery is a staple for the convenience store small business owner, and in this week’s episode we are catching up with Mark Hutchinson, a name you’ve probably never heard of and yet has likely…
Forming Great Remote Culture with Chris Byers
Jul 29 • 46 min
Remote work, it got thrust upon the majority of people and while it became a bit of a pass time to complain about the challenges of working remotely. Yet, a recent survey shows that just 4% of global employees want to return to the office full time….
Being Human at Work with Lale Kesebi
Jul 14 • 52 min
Ted speaker and CEO whisperer Lale Kesebi created the inspirational firm ‘Human at Work’ to help organizations of all sizes help the humans that make our companies thrive. Today, we discuss what it means to be human in a work environment designed to…
Saved by the Barn’s Kelly Holt
Jun 30 • 39 min
Kelly Holt is the Executive Director of The Barn Sanctuary, featured on Animal Planet’s “Saved by the Barn”. From rescuing farm animals to rescuing entrepreneurs from the lies we tell ourselves, Kelly unpacks how compassion is what fuels success.
Choose Your Own Adventr with Devo Harris (Springsteen)
Jun 16 • 42 min
Devo Harris (Springsteen), the Grammy award-winning producer who doesn’t play an instrument but helped to launch some of the biggest musical acts in the world, is now taking his unique approach to innovation and transforming everything we know about video…
We Are Big On Small
May 26 • 2 min
Big on Small, The Official Small Business Podcast, is a weekly podcast exploring the big ideas that are helping small organizations survive and thrive.