Beyond The Counter

Beyond The Counter
Go behind the brands and discover the thoughts behind the best in the business. Hathway invites you to explore the people, the places and the palates of your most beloved food and drink brands. You can expect expert insights and ideas on the past, present and future of the industry that makes life, taste better.

8 // Sterling Ball, Radical Innovation & Leaving a Legacy
Sep 11 • 29 min
In this weeks episode, Kevin and Jesse get to sit down with long time friend, client and all round legend, Ernie Ball, to discuss the radical innovation happening today in the F&B industry, as well as touching on the legacy of Ernie Ball and the…
7 // Michael Katz, mParticle & The Importance of Data
Aug 19 • 34 min
Back at again with another great episode for all you wonderful listeners! This week, Kevin and Jesse sit down with Mike Katz (MK), the CEO and Co-Founder of the CDP (Customer Data Platform), mParticle. A little different from our previous guests, MK tells…
6 // Carl Orsbourn, Future Concepts & The Blurring of Divides
Jul 16 • 35 min
This week, Kevin and Jesse meet with Carl Orsbourn to discuss his upcoming book, his views on automation in the restaurant industry, the emergence of the threat from C-Store and a plethora of other insights!
5// Corey Kline, Noodles & Company & Caring for the Customer
Jul 2 • 35 min
On this weeks episode, Jesse and Kevin (with guest star Lucas Dundon!), sit down with Corey Kline of Noodles & Company to discuss the importance of having a digital ecosystem that is tailored to your brand, as well as the importance of having Marketing…
4 // Rob Tedesco, Defining Difference & Managing Scale
Jun 18 • 33 min
This week, we welcome Rob Tedesco, former VP of Digital and Consumer Technology at Subway, to our 4th episode of Beyond the Counter. Jesse, Kevin and Rob discuss what it takes to shift the mindset of one of the world’s largest franchise brands towards…
1 // Drew Dill, Digital Transformation & The Future of QSR
Jun 17 • 28 min
Hathway CEO, Jesse Dundon, and CMO, Kevin Rice, sit down with Drew Dill to discuss the future of restaurants amongst the current COVID-19 crisis, and what dining might look like in the future.
3 // Janiene Ullrich, The Family Coppola & Shifting to Ecommerce
Jun 11 • 32 min
In this weeks episode, Jesse and Kevin sit down to chat with our good friend and client, Janiene Ullrich of The Family Coppola, about how the current environment has affected the wine industry. They discuss the importance of using digital to embrace new…
2 // Tammy Billings, Intelligent Data & The Opportunity for Change
Jun 3 • 32 min
In this weeks episode, Jesse and Kevin talk with Tammy Billings from Marketing Vitals, to talk about what intelligent data can, and can’t, tell us about the new retail reality that is before all of us. They discuss the importance of using data to make…