The AV Project

The AV Project
The AV Project is a place for discussion on the intersection of visual art and music. A place where photographers, musicians, filmmakers, graphic designers, and more can talk about their approach to visual art that accompanies music.

05 - Preserving the Newport Folk Festival with Josh Goleman
Sep 7 • 29 min
Photographer and Cinematographer Josh Goleman shares his insight and stories into the creation of ‘Our Voices Together’, a documentary film made in to fill in the wake that the Newport Folk Festival left behind when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Josh Goleman…
04 - Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone with Cinematographer Matt Bastos
Aug 10 • 72 min
Cinematographer Matt Bastos shares his experience as a cinematographer on high-end music videos, his process behind his work, how his team is essential to the end result, and we chat about growing and pushing yourself as an artist. Matt Bastos is a New…
03 - Creating Honest Music Videos with Francesca Blanchard
Jul 27 • 25 min
Songwriter Francesca Blanchard shares her experience creating honest and unique music videos, working with friends and collaborators, and how sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself. Francesca Blanchard is a songwriter currently based in Burlington,…
02 - ‘Don’t Hold Back’ with Jenny Watts
Jun 1 • 22 min
Photographer Jenny Watts shares her process designing a zine, reaching out to bands to photograph, and talks getting in your own way as an artist. Jenny Watts is a photographer from New York City traveled with the band Studyed to South by Southwest. Jenny…
Episode 01 - Nate Files
May 18 • 23 min
On this episode of the AV Project Podcast, we dive into the process behind designing and operating the lighting of Lawrence and Jane’s Addiction challenges lighting designers face in their work some tips and advice for bands and those just getting started…