Double Take Podcast

Double Take Podcast
Join James and Mark Schoenster on their journey to appreciate the craziest and weirdest moments in sport history. Get a new episode every Thursday! This podcast is a U92 the Moose podcast, College Radio at West Virginia University.

19 | Series not completed
Aug 6 • 54 min
This is the season finale of Double Take. Mark and James discuss a special story about the Seattle Metropolitans, a hockey team that existed over 100 years ago. They did well for themselves but one of the most important games in their franchise history…
18 | The South Coast Derby
Jul 30 • 57 min
On the Penultimate episode of season 1, James and Mark finally do a 3rd rivalry review. This dives into a rivalry in English Football unlike most; Portsmouth and Southampton hate each other to the core, but the teams seldom play each other? —- This…
17 | The Iron Man, Bill Hewitt
Jul 23 • 54 min
Bill Hewitt was the last man to play in the NFL without a helmet on, and it didn’t stop there. Mark and James discuss the man, the myth, the legend on this week’s episode. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.…
16 | Sports for the People
Jul 16 • 58 min
On this week’s episode, Mark and James have a good laugh over five ridiculous sports invented by the British that will leave you scratching your head. From chasing wheels of cheese to Toe Wrestling, this episode gets a little goofy. —- This episode is…
15 | The Pennsylvania Frankenstein
Jul 9 • 56 min
Mark and James discuss one of Mark’s favorite teams in NFL history. The fateful year in 1943 when the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles morphed into one to become the Steagles…Yes, the Steagles… —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The…
14 | Why You Should Root for Parma
Jul 2 • 58 min
Italian Soccer is a little under-appreciated in the grand scheme of European Soccer, so Mark tells the history of the club Parma in order to give you a team to root for. Relegations, bankruptcy and a golden age of success are the story Parma can tell, and…
The 13th Episode | The Unlucky Story of Grant Hill
Jun 25 • 55 min
It is episode 13 of Double Take, and for the special occasion, Mark and James discuss the unlucky career of Grant Hill. Hill was a star at Duke and was a young star in the NBA, but misfortune was on his side more often than he would have liked. —- This…
11 | Spikes and Cycles
Jun 11 • 55 min
The Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race in the world. It is known for its length, its prestige…and its cheating. Back in 1904, the Tour had its first public brush with dishonest measures and it got out of hand. Join Mark and James as they…
10 Celebration! (Top 10 Underrated NFL Players)
Jun 4 • 56 min
James and Mark celebrate the 10th episode milestone by each preparing a top 10 list of underrated players in NFL history. Mark made his list focused on players in the 2010s and James expanded it to his time watching football (with one exception). —- This…
9 | German Pro/Rel Tales
May 28 • 51 min
The Bundesliga is one of the few professional leagues back in action during the Pandemic, so Mark and James take some time to look at crazy stories in the Bundesliga that have to do with teams fighting to be promoted or resisting relegation. —- This…
8 | More Than A Corn Feud
May 21 • 56 min
This week, James and Mark complete their second rendition of a rivalry review. They explore the charming and wacky rivalry in the state of Iowa between the Cyclones and the Hawkeyes. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a…
7 | A Game in No Man’s Land
May 18 • 50 min
Mark and James take a break from laughing at weird sporting hijinks and appreciate the alleged match held between the trenches during the Christmas Truce of World War 1. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.…
6 | Exploring the Sanchize
May 17 • 56 min
This week, Mark and James jump to a more recent phenomenon in Sport History, Mark Sanchez. What did he accomplish? What did he give to the NFL and was he a bust? —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.…
5 | Fixing games for the Mob
May 16 • 52 min
Mark and James look at a betting scandal that involves Boston College’s Basketball team in the late 70s. There are death threats, ruined careers, and Goodfellas?
4 | The Worst NFL Draft Class
May 15 • 56 min
Mark and James break down the First Round of what may be the Worst Draft class in NFL history. 1992 was filled with busts, bad characters, and disappointments.
3 | “Disgrace of a Sport”
May 14 • 51 min
The World Cup is filled with drama, but the 2002 Cup was one filled with upsets, intrigue, and controversy. Join Mark and James as they go through the Cup and discuss particular games that provided memories that many soccer fans would like to forget.
2 | Scab Stories
May 13 • 53 min
James and Mark discuss the NFL Player Strike of 1987. We talk about Engineers who live out their dream in the NFL for a few weeks, lifelong fans who now have to block their idols, and crazy games that have inspired Hollywood movies.
1 | The Crosstown Shootout
May 12 • 42 min
James and Mark explore an underrated rivalry that takes place in one city. The Cincinnati Bearcats and the Xavier Musketeers have had some crazy altercations in their college basketball series.