Coffee, Cards & Pixie Dust

Coffee, Cards & Pixie Dust
An upbeat & uplifting podcast to add value to your day, whether it’s starting your day or winding down your afternoon. It covers everything from wellness, mental health, spiritual awakening & living your best life possible. (Multiple coffees & pixie magic not included.) Support this podcast:

Ep.6 | Letting Go Of The Social Media FOMO
Jul 19 • 11 min
Reaching a pivotal point this morning, it dawned on me what an impact the social media detox I did in June had. Sometimes, we don’t notice changes in our day to day life until we look back in hindsight. Taken from my YouTube channel, I share my…
Ep. 5 | How To Take Your Power Back
Jun 8 • 20 min
Welcome back to the Mindful Mondays series. This is a place in which uplifting & inspirational, yet practical, content resides to help empower you on your life path. In this world, sometimes we feel powerless with all of the events that have happened in…
Ep. 4 | We Need You!
Jun 6 • 8 min
Seeing & experiencing what is going on in the world lately has brought a lot of us distress in various ways & here I share some of my thoughts, plus an important message from the Universe…. Remember, Love. Not Hate. 💚 —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
Ep. 3 | Make A Choice
May 17 • 8 min
This is taken from my latest (unplanned) YouTube video I made a few days ago … After seeing so much chaos & negative news on social media, as well as in my inner circle, I was inspired by Source to speak out & bring an important question to the table.…
Ep 2 | How To Let Go & Start Transforming Your Life
May 12 • 6 min
After facing some resistance in doing a Moon Card reading, I decided to go out in the sunshine & let go; be present in the moment. The Universe found a way to allow the message to come through…it’s all about shifting our energy to set on the path that we…
Ep.1 | How To Become Aware Of Self Limiting Beliefs
May 7 • 6 min
We all have a purpose in life & we each want to matter in the world. But are you finding yourself getting frustrated with yourself, regardless of what you do? This particular podcast dives into why this may be happening…… —- This episode is sponsored by ·…