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The Abroad Pod
Welcome to The Abroad Pod! Your go-to podcast for all things work, life, and study abroad. I’m your host, Nicole, and each week I share helpful travel tips & tricks, especially for all you 20-somethings eager to explore the world on a budget. Each epis?

Recording Live On A Road Trip (Everything You Need To Know) & St.Thomas/St. Martin Tips
Aug 5 • 31 min
Ep. 11: Happy Wednesday! If you’re looking for some car ride entertainment, this is the episode for you! Today my friend Mairin and I discuss everything you need to know about road tripping… from a truck stop in the middle of Kentucky! Yup. We may or…
The Abroad Series: Galway, Ireland
Jul 22 • 37 min
Ep. 10: The Abroad Pod’s 10th episode! I can’t believe it! Today I bring you another Abroad Series, this time focused on studying abroad in Ireland. This episode is brought to you by Emma Antoine Portinari, one of my good friends and the ultimate Galway…
Let’s Talk Bucket Lists & Aruba
Jul 15 • 35 min
Ep. 9: Happy Wednesday! This episode is all about bucket lists! My favorite things! I walk through my own travel bucket lists, including which countries I plan on visiting before I die, visiting all 7 Wonders of the World, all 50 states, and more. Do…
The Abroad Series: Semester At Sea
Jul 8 • 41 min
Ep. 8: This episode is the second in my Abroad Series, and is all about Semester at Sea! This week I’m joined with my childhood bestie, Emily Rakers, to talk all about her experience onboard Semester at Sea! We discuss her classes, day in the life, port…
The Abroad Series: Florence, Italy
Jul 1 • 42 min
Ep. 7: Happy Wednesday! Today’s episode is a special one- it’s the beginning of my new Abroad Series! The Abroad Series podcasts will feature a different abroad program/location each episode with someone who studied abroad in that city. The interviews…
What I’ve Been Up To, Future Travel Plans, & Exploring The Cayman Islands
Jun 24 • 26 min
Ep. 6: Tune in this week to hear what I’ve been up to in quarantine! From finishing college online to redoing my room, I’ve been trying to keep busy these past few months and find some new hobbies to do at home. I also talk about any future travel plans…
How To Score The Best Flight Deals & Traveling To The DR As An Intern!
Jun 17 • 27 min
Ep. 5: Tune in this week to hear ten tips for scoring the best flight deals. With these tips you’ll be able to find cheap flights anytime, anywhere. Also, this week’s country is the Dominican Republic! Listen until the end of the episode to hear about…
Solo Travel Tips, My Wildest Travel Experience, & The Bahamas
Jun 10 • 43 min
Ep. 4: This episode was inspired by Lonely Planet’s “The Solo Travel Handbook” and covers solo travel tips ranging from hostel advice to walking tours to grabbing a table for one- something I recommend everyone does in their lifetime! I also open up…
How COVID-19 Is Changing The Travel Industry & Scoring The Deal Of A Lifetime In Mexico
Jun 7 • 26 min
Ep. 3: The week’s episode focuses on COVID-19 and how the virus has affected the travel industry. From canceled flights to new check-in routines at hotels, the travel industry has been one of the hardest hit during this unprecedented time. I am by no…
Everything You Need To Know About Studying Abroad & Canada
May 27 • 30 min
Ep.2: This week’s episode covers everything you need to know about studying abroad- from different program types to choosing your program location to saving up, this episode covers it all! I studied abroad three times during college and share helpful…
How To Book A Trip & All Things USA Travel
May 19 • 30 min
Ep.1: This episode discusses everything you need to know about booking a trip! From finding cheap flights online to scoring all-inclusive resort deals to pre-planning activities and excursions, this episode covers it all and will leave you feeling…
Pilot: Welcome To My World
May 19 • 11 min
Welcome to The Abroad Pod! I’m your host, Nicole, and this is my first episode! This short pilot covers everything you need to know about the inspiration for this podcast, episode format, and what to expect moving forward. Welcome to my world!