Scarcity Complex

Scarcity Complex
Do you ever feel like you have this nagging voice that tells you that you are not enough or that there isn’t enough in the world today? Well, you are not alone. I wanted to create a podcast that explores this very idea of fear and scarcity. It dominate?

Doubt: The Gateway to Belief
Oct 5 • 36 min
#008 - All of us have seeds of doubt that many times we are not even aware of. Doubt is often viewed as a defect or something we shouldn’t have, even though all of us experience it on a daily basis. What if there was actually a purpose to it? On this…
Vulnerability: Seeing and Being Seen
Sep 10 • 53 min
#007 - Everyone wants connection. Yet it’s the very thing that can seem elusive in a world where we are more “connected” than ever. On this week’s podcast, we’re exploring the topic of vulnerability. Of what does it mean to really allow others to see…
Grief: Living With Loss
Aug 23 • 54 min
#006 - Loss is something that we often times encounter on an every day basis. It’s easy for us to give ourselves and others permission to grieve the “big things” like the death of a friend or a family member. But grief comes in all shapes and sizes. On…
Death and Rebirth: Bridging the Gap
Aug 5 • 49 min
#005 - The topic of death isn’t something we’re always comfortable talking about. Like many things in life, it’s easy to push it aside and even deny its existence. But perhaps there is a strange freedom, that the more we grow in accepting our own…
The Inner Life: Opening New Spaces
Jul 13 • 48 min
#004 - What if you weren’t just one thing? That you are a multi-dimensional human being filled with many different parts that make up the whole of who you are. C.G. Jung called these archetypes. On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Rick Borutta who is…
The Adventure: Stepping Into the Unknown
Jul 3 • 38 min
#003 - We often times think of an adventure as something that is outside of us, that we have to do all by ourselves. If we do muster up the courage, we frequently get bogged down trying to get it “right” which leads to giving up or not taking that first…
Life In the Box: The Mind’s Need for Certainty
May 18 • 23 min
#002 - All of us have mechanisms designed to protect us and keep us safe at all costs — even when there is no threat. Our experiences, past hurts, and ideology often times form walls that create a deep need for certainty without ever stopping to ask if…
Introduction: What is a Scarcity Complex?
May 18 • 21 min
#001 - Welcome to the Scarcity Complex Podcast! Host J. Wurster introduces the topic of scarcity as he explores some of the ways in which we often hold ourselves back. Have you ever wanted to express more of who you are, but are afraid? All of us have…