The Album Years

The Album Years
Music is finite, opinions are endless. On The Album Years podcast, long term friends, collaborators and music nerds Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness discuss and bicker about their favourite music released during the golden album years, which they reckon to be from around 1965 to the end of the millennium. Each episode focuses on a single year picked at random. At the end of each episode they pick their personal favourites and the album they think had the most long-term impact on music. Can you guess which albums they will pick?

6 - 1976
Jul 5 • 55 min
The heyday of punk and disco music is just around the corner, but one of Steven and Tim‘s favourite albums from this year is the very antithesis of both; an obscure solo homage to the English countryside by the bass player of a progressive rock band!…
5 - 1967
Jun 12 • 52 min
The duo make a case for 1967 being the single most significant year in the history of rock and pop, and discuss several genre defining albums, but conclude that Steven being born in this year actually eclipses them all!
4 - 1984
Jun 7 • 55 min
Tim tries to explain the trauma of first hearing David Bowie’s career nadir album Tonight, but otherwise the guys find 1984 to be another very special year.
3 - 1992
May 28 • 48 min
The guys can’t find much in their collections that they unconditionally love from this year, with even some of their favourite artists releasing what are lesser works in their opinion. They consider why that should be and admit indifference to the…
2 - 1973
May 22 • 52 min
Steven and Tim struggle to get their list of great albums released in this year down from a shortlist of hundreds. So much so that they forget to mention King Crimson’s Larks Tongues in Aspic completely, shame on them!
1 - 1980
May 11 • 57 min
Steven and Tim reckon this is a fantastic year for albums, with the explosion of creative music coming out of the post-punk crucible. There are also some older artists producing some of their very finest work in this year. Plus Tim tries to enthuse Steven…