Mondrea Memories

Mondrea Memories
An immersive audio odyssey into dreamless domain. Decode and reclaim lost memory from chaotic sound. For fans of sci-fi, fantasy, mind-bending thrillers, tales of power and ancient wonder. The epic tale of the DreamersEcho Universe begins here. Explore the podcast, comics, music, and more at Support future memories: Support this podcast:

Memory 02: Hazel Renauld, Hunter for Hire
Jun 14 • 55 min
New memories reveal a troubled soul, desperate to reclaim the long-lost Dream from an eternal prison… not knowing it lay just beneath his feet, deep within the ancient tombs of a poisoned land. Lennox must hire a pilot sly enough to navigate what…
Memory 01: Donovan Lennox, On the Eve of Great Battle
Jun 1 • 79 min
The ancient people of Mondrea once had unfathomable dreams. Their imagination and preservation knew no bounds… until that power was stolen from them a thousand years ago, leaving us hopeless, dreamless, and worn. In an unseen realm, two forgotten souls…
Announcement Trailer - Premieres June 1
May 26 • 0 min
A thrilling immersive audio odyssey through dreamless domain. Premiering June 1, 2020. Listen now on —- Support this podcast:
Extended Sneak Peek - Coming June 1, 2020
May 19 • 21 min
An extended sneak-peek of the first 20 minutes of the new immersive audio odyssey, Mondrea Memories. Decode and reclaim lost memory from chaotic sound. Subscribe now. —- Support this podcast: