The Whole Veterinarian

The Whole Veterinarian
Is it impossible for veterinarians to aim for more balance? The Whole Veterinarian podcast is about sharing experiences, helping and educating others, and starting a dialogue about how we can grow as people and professionals. As a female equine solo pr…

Overcoming Adversity featuring Silva Martin
Jul 2 • 27 min
Silva Martin, International dressage rider and coach, joins me for a chat about the many obstacles she has faced throughout her life. Her no-nonsense attitude and humor are infectious! We cover everything from overbooking herself to her traumatic brain…
Personal Finance for Veterinarians with Dr. Meredith Jones
Jun 25 • 16 min
Personal Finance for Veterinarians
Finding Community in Motherhood featuring Katie Madden
Jun 18 • 36 min
You don’t need to be a breastfeeding mom to appreciate the conversation that I have with International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Katie Madden. We cover everything from setting boundaries to learning how to give your child (and yourself!)…
On Making Time for Yourself with Dr. Cara Wright
Jun 11 • 14 min
Join me as I have a quick chat with my friend and equine veterinarian, Cara Wright, DVM. We discuss equine relief work, ways in which employers can attract good job applicants and why it is so important to put yourself first.Here is Cara’s…
On Connecting with Yourself featuring Michelle Vahey
Jun 4 • 22 min
Join me as I chat with health coach Michelle Vahey about everything from clean eating to mindfulness to developing a strong relationship with your kids. We cover a lot in this short interview focusing on ways to improve a veterinarian’s daily…
The Whole Veterinarian Trailer
May 17 • 2 min
Listen in to hear my goals for the Whole Veterinarian Podcast! Thanks for checking it out!…Ways to connect with The Whole Veterinarian!Instagram: @thewholeveterinarianFacebook:…