The Lavender Fix with Sabreen Haziq

The Lavender Fix with Sabreen Haziq
The Lavender Fix, hosted by Sabreen Haziq, is a self help podcast dedicated to sharing stories of perseverance & resilience from real people with real experiences.

Motherhood, Body Imaging & Self Care
Sep 13 • 52 min
Motherhood, Body Imaging & Self Care
Body Imaging, Weight Loss ≠ Confidence
Sep 9 • 55 min
Weight loss journey, dealing with insecurities and body transformation!
Indian Matchmaking: The Real Akshay Jakhete #Unfiltered
Aug 21 • 64 min
In conversation with the real Akshay Jakhete outside of the Indian Matchmaking world.
Indian Matchmaking: Challenging Ageism with Manisha Dass
Aug 13 • 54 min
Challenging Ageism in The Indian Matchmaking Industry
Genius Celebrity Impressionist: Andrea Lopez & her Kourtney Kardashian Impressions
Aug 9 • 53 min
Making of a Genius Celebrity Impressionist: Andrea Lopez & her Kourtney Kardashian Impressions
Challenges of Arranged Marriages in India with Isha Yadav
Jul 27 • 69 min
Indian Matchmaking & Arranged Marriages: Process & Challenges
Building a Business From Scratch After Losing Job During COVID19
Jul 19 • 71 min
Losing Jobs During COVID19 & Building a Business from Scratch
Food Blogging & Body Imaging with Emily Fedner
Jul 13 • 64 min
Food Blogging, body imaging and building a positive relationship with food.
Managing Alopecia & Developing a Positive Outlook
Jun 26 • 57 min
In this 7th episode of The Lavender Fix podcast I interview Sydney Weymouth: a New York based Social Media & Creative Strategist who manages the digital footprint of award winning personalities like Daymond John & Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well…
Love Against All Odds: From Kashmir to Washington DC
Jun 26 • 53 min
In this episode of The Lavender Fix podcast, I interview Danielle Khan about how a fun spring trip to Kashmir changed her life forever because she found love in the lush valleys of Kashmir.Danielle is a Washington DC based Special Assistant to…
Moving on From Toxic Relationships & Finding Love with Sara Suri
Jun 23 • 65 min
This episode is dedicated to the topic of moving on from toxic relationships of the past and allowing oneself to find light and love at the end of the tunnel. To that end, it’s a process, not a destination. You have to be patient because the only way…
Black Lives Matter with Kimberly Houston
Jun 5 • 53 min
The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013 with the aim of eradicating white supremacy and building local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. In this fourth episode of The Lavender Fix…
Making it Big in Life Without a College Degree
Jun 2 • 39 min
In this third episode of The Lavender Fix Podcast, I interview Ananya Rijhwani: a self-taught wedding photographer from Varanasi, India. From the ghats of Varanasi to the heart of New Delhi, Ananya’s journey of deciding not to attend college and jumping…
Love Life Amid the #COVID19 Crisis with Anjali Kalra
May 25 • 39 min
Today I’m chatting with my best friend of 11 years, Anjali Kalra: a senior auditor with a professional services firm in India. We cover everything from her opinion on the modern day relationships to her personal experience with online dating. We also…
Sana & Lalit’s Inter-Religion Wedding Saga
May 17 • 80 min
In the inaugural episode of The Lavender Fix Podcast, I interview two very special guests: my dear friends Sana and Lalit, who I’ve known for about 10 years! We discuss their inter-religion dating journey leading to marriage - a tough hike that came…