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Steal These Thoughts!
Explore thoughts on learning, personal development, managing the monkey mind and other insights on this crazy thing we call life. Ross is best known for his work on the Steal These Thoughts blog which shares thought provoking content on navigating the human experience.

#6: Studying abroad during a pandemic
Jul 31 • 46 min
In this episode, I’m joined by exchange student Tasha Stevenson who has spent the last year studying abroad in South Korea and has been navigating the outbreak and impact of COVID-19 whilst studying away from home. Don’t forget to check out the blog at…
#5: Building better employee experiences w/Gethin Nadin
Jul 17 • 39 min
In this episode, I’m joined by the wise Gethin Nadin, Director of Wellbeing, employee experience consultant and author of the bestselling book “A World of Good: Lessons from around the world in improving the employee experience”. We explore what makes a…
#4: Advice for new graduates on starting a career in a strange time
Jul 3 • 29 min
In this episode, I share advice, insight and tips for new graduates and anyone looking to start a new career in this strange time. The impact to the career landscape and job market has been massive due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Here I…
#3: How to build a future-fit career
Jun 19 • 19 min
In this episode, I explore how to build a future fit career and make sure you are setup for lifelong employability. Don’t forget to check out the blog at and connect with me at Twitter: @_Rsvenson and LinkedIn:…
#2: How to keep mentally healthy in strange times
Jun 5 • 10 min
In this episode, I explore some thoughts and tips on keeping mentally healthy in strange times. Check out the companion blog post here: Don’t forget to check out the blog…
#1: Employee reboarding post COVID19
May 12 • 14 min
Welcome to the first ever episode of the Steal These Thoughts audio experience. In this one, I explore how we can build workplace reboarding programmes which will re-engage people with their workplace, support everyone’s wellbeing and ultimately, lead to…
Welcome to the Steal These Thoughts Audio experience
May 8 • 0 min
Introducing the new audio revolution with Ross Stevenson, founder of the Steal These Thoughts! blog. Every fortnight, join me with appearances from special guests to explore thoughts, insights and experiences on navigating this crazy thing called life.…