Art Breaker

Art Breaker
These are climactic times; the Climate Crisis, the Biodiversity Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction… The Anthropocene. So how is this affecting the art we’re making in our society, and how can that art be part of a response, or even a solution? Join us as we explore music, prose, poetry, visual art and more, and learn how the art we love is made, and why.

Retracted | On the 2014 Biennale Boycott with Gabrielle de Vietri
Jun 22 • 47 min
There are many members of our community who at the start of 2020 called themselves artists. Some were working artists, funded by their work, by grants, by exhibitions funded by companies - all imperfect in their own individual ways. Most of those artists…
Playback Theatre Melbourne | The Power for Change | Recorded at SFL2020
Apr 28 • 16 min
Climate Emergency. What can one do? Presented as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company in collaboration with Climate for Change are hosting an evening of conversation and performance - sharing stories, knowledge, and…
🎨💔| Beth Spencer on ArtBreaker — Kit Kelen on creativity, habit, and disruption
Apr 4 • 60 min
Beth Spencer in conversation with Kit Kelen about his creative practice as poet, artist, publisher, collaborator, academic, mentor, musician and blogger. Kit reads selections from some of his many books intercut with original guitar tracks. They discuss…
Jacob Richards | Puscha - The Nature of Synth
Jan 10 • 39 min
Jacob Richards performs as Puscha, delivering durational music performances across festivals and venues in Victoria and as far afield as Mongolia. You’ll learn Jacob’s approach to modular synthesis, how to craft the perfect modular synth for live…
Charlotte Watson | The Black Finch Project - the Bird of the Year, and the mega-coal mine.
Dec 1, 2019 • 47 min
The Black Finch Project, or #1000finches, swept through the Australian art and environmental world in mid 2019. People of all walks of life were creating art featuring this endangered finch, usually dead, and posting them to politicians and community…
Jen Rae | Recipe for Disaster - On Food In/Security.
Oct 21, 2019 • 22 min
Dr Jen Rae is a provocateur and artist, who uses food as a way to talk about the nature of the climate crisis, and to start preparing for disasters to come. Her recent event, Recipe for Disaster, took it’s participants into a bunkerlike space to talk…
James Bradley | Author of Clade - on climate fiction.
Sep 29, 2019 • 21 min
Award-winning author James Bradley joins us to dissect Clade, his climate fiction novel, share readings, and the power of fiction to convey the realities of the climate crisis. Support the show. Support the show: