Career Solutions

Career Solutions
Managing your career is a lot like being captain of your own ship. You’ll need a strategy for where you’re going that will prepare you for possible rough sailing. As you chart your course, consider these questions: Are you in charge, or are you lett?

Overcoming Career Barriers: How We Make Career Decisions
Jul 1 • 7 min
How we make decisions and how others influence these decisions both positively and negatively may have a significant impact on your career. I’ll share some examples that may resonate with you and why it’s important to honor yourself, as you have to…
Overcoming Career Barriers: Finding a New Position During Periods of Uncertainty
Jun 17 • 6 min
We’ll continue reviewing how to Overcome Carrier Barriers with the focus on finding a new position during periods of uncertainty and a depressed economy and high unemployment. I’ll encourage you to explore new opportunities and careers by matching your…
Overcoming Career Barriers: Answering Important Questions
Jun 3 • 7 min
I’m beginning a series of podcasts discussing Overcoming Career Barriers. In this first segment, we’ll look at the types of barriers that may get in your way when you’re considering a change in positions or a career change. I want to encourage you to…
Managing Your Career in Uncertain Times
May 13 • 11 min
We’ll cover 5 ways to manage your career, including a simple breathing exercise to relax you; how taking career assessments will prepare you for your next career move.