Two Asian comedians talking about those awesome comedians special from Comedy Central, Netflix or comedians website. It’s a bit outsider’s opinions, yet not really because we are also comedians surfing around the wild wild comedy world Support this podcast:

Ep.9 Eliza Bulter with Mental health, Bill Bur and some news from the orient!!!
Aug 1 • 95 min
Hello, it’s another episode of SUnNY podcast! Sorry, I had some personal issue and I couldn’t find time to edit this podcast! speak of personal issue, we all should see a therapist, and how? why? where? in this episode, Eliza Bulter, a professional…
Ep8. Trip to the Coast_Thailand_calling cops_Hannibal Buress
Jul 13 • 64 min
Hello Everyone, Welcome back to another episode of SunNy and this week we focus on some personal stories of Meanroth and I and this week comedy special that we talk about is Miami Night by Hannibal Buress! Check his special on YT!!! Enjoy! —- This episode…
Ep.7 Social Fine? Portland Funniest Person Adam Pasi and Tom Segura
Jul 5 • 68 min
Hi SunNy Fans!! This week we talked about social fine haha what’s something you want to do all the time but you worry people would judge you? Did you get social fine? Wearing your mask!! We had a great time chatting with Adam Pasi, he was the winner of…
Ep.6 Say our name right, Jake Silberman, Lavell Crawford and disagreement
Jun 26 • 70 min
Hello everyone, Another episode of SunNy is back! you guys rock! This week we interviewed very awesome Portland local comedian Jake Silberman, he is a 7 years comedian and produces multiple shows in Portland metro area. We had a great time talking to him.…
Ep.5 Interview with Jaren George, conformity, Black lives matter and Eddie Murphy
Jun 8 • 87 min
Hello Everyone, This week we invited our very awesome Portland comedian friend Jaren George join us to talk about his Journey as black comedian in Portland, And from his perspective with current movement in US. We also watched Eddie Murphy last week. ohoh…
Ep.4 Cambodian Songs, Tipping culture in USA, Spectrum, Wanda Sykes,
May 26 • 63 min
Hey you, Thank you all for tune in for the show!!! This week, we make sure the sound quality is back to Episode two so your experience would be really awesome! We really appreciate everyone who is listening , please share, like and favorite (subscribe…
Ep. 3 Shakespeare, Conspiracy, Taiwan Politics, N word, Word economy and Mark Normand.
May 18 • 53 min
Thanks for listening! Meanroth forget to record from his end, we apologize for the sound quality this week!! Mark Normand released his special on Youtube. You will have better experience if you watch his special first! Enjoy! . if you are a comedian, and…
Ep.2, Stereotype and JoKoy
May 10 • 63 min
Thanks for listening our first episode, and some of you would like to hear more about ourselves. so we grant your wish! In this episode we are talking more about Asian stereotype, racism. And this week we watch Jo Koy’s Netflix special Comin’ Hot. It’s a…
Episode 1 Louis CK
May 3 • 64 min
Louis Ck Dropped his special on his website, and two Asian comedians who live in Portland talking about their opinions! —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:…