The Global Crypto Podcast with Luno

The Global Crypto Podcast with Luno
The Global Crypto Podcast with Luno is a podcast dedicated to getting insights and perspective from the leading thinkers in the blockchain industry. From Andreas Antonopoulos to Anthony Pompliano, Meltem de Mirors to Stacy Herbert, we get the biggest n…

#009: Francis “Market Sniper” Hunt charts bullish Bitcoin triangle, and talks Financial Reset!
Jul 13 • 51 min
“The Market Sniper” explains how he became a trader, why he believes a financial “reset” is imminent, why crypto is so important in the narrative, and how you can weather these coming storms.
#008: Stacy Herbert on why Twitter is crazy, how she met Max, working with an Oscar-winner, & more!
Jul 6 • 51 min
In this episode, Stacy Herbert reveals how the banking elite are robbing society, and the only solution is (hopefully a peaceful) revolution with Bitcoin!
#007: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes talks Bitcoin price possibility & troubled Global Economy
Jun 29 • 27 min
Arthur Hayes CEO of crypto exchange giant BitMEX reveals his bullish case for Bitcoin, and why we’re seeing so much unrest in the middle of this global Pandemic.
S01E06: Andreas Antonopoulos Talks Police Brutality, Government Control, And More
Jun 22 • 36 min
One of the leading voices in Bitcoin and blockchain, with no less than SIX volumes published such as “Mastering Bitcoin” and “Mastering Ethereum”. In this candid interview he opens up about his thoughts on police brutality, and why Bitcoin is such an…
S01E05: Joe Lubin On How ConsenSys Started, ETH 2.0, And The Future Of Finance
Jun 15 • 42 min
In this interview you’ll find out about Joe’s earlier years in AI and robotics back at Princeton, his reasons for choosing New York as the base for ConsenSys, and the Ethereum foundation’s plans to scale the platform effectively. A man with a magnificent…
S01E04: Monero’s Fluffy Pony Talks About Tech’s Influence On Society
Jun 8 • 46 min
Riccardo Spagni, or Fluffy Pony as he is known on Crypto Twitter, is formerly the Lead Maintainer of the Monero project. A South African born tech wiz, he joined up with the Monero team in their early days, and has a passion for human rights and the…
S01E03: Meltem Demirors And The True Power Of Bitcoin
Jun 1 • 56 min
Meltem Demirors is fast becoming one of the leading voices in Bitcoin and cryptoassets, most certainly in America. This is highlighted by her invitation to speak to the US Congressional Hearings about Facebook Libra. Meltem started in cryptoassets after…
S01E02: Raoul Pal Talks Global Economic Mess, And Bitcoin’s Bullish Outlook
May 25 • 38 min
Episode 2 Season 1 of THE GLOBAL CRYPTO PODCAST WITH LUNO. If you don’t have a Luno account yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW at //MACRO ECONOMIST RAOUL PAL! //Raoul is one of the strongest voices in global macro economics with us….
S01E01: Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano Talks About His Eyes, BTC as Reserve Currency, Emerging Markets
May 18 • 30 min
Welcome to Episode 1 Season 1 of THE GLOBAL CRYPTO PODCAST WITH LUNO. If you don’t have a Luno account yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW at And if you aren’t subscribed to the Global Crypto YouTube channel, just click here…
📊 Mkt Analysis E43: Raoul Pal on the Show & Graeme Looks Bullish
May 7 • 17 min
We have a BIG announcement to make! We have a huge show we’re launching on Monday 11 May: The Global Crypto Podcast with Luno. In today’s show, we feature one of our guests from that Podcast, Macro Economist Raoul Pal who answers what will happen when…
Interview with Sean Sanders, Co-founder and CEO of Revix
May 5 • 40 min
The “African Blockchain Profiles” is a series whereby we feature a different Blockchain entrepreneur or influencer from the African continent each week. In this episode we interview the CEO and Co-founder of Revix, Sean Seanders. Sean is an accomplished…
Binance SA Manager Tanya Knowles Talks With Us About Their ZAR Onramp
Apr 2 • 9 min
Although Tanya was with us three weeks back after Blockchain Africa, we wanted to get some further insights into Binance SA’s operation after the launch of their BTC/ZAR markets this week.Take a listen!