Brandwidth® with Dean Millson & Sam McEwin

Brandwidth® with Dean Millson & Sam McEwin
Brandwidth is an ongoing conversation between a digital marketer and a brand strategist. A compact podcast discussing marketing today, trying to make sense of the good and the bad, and everything in between.

14: Costly Signalling Theory and Behavioural Science in Marketing
Sep 21 • 39 min
In this episode we discuss: Traditional Economic Theory vs Behavioural Economic Theory, Behavioural biases - the shortcuts our minds use to make decisions and what it means for marketers, Costly Signalling Theory and examples in life and marketing, Why a…
13: Price Sensitivity & Brand Loyalty During a Recession
Jun 8 • 33 min
In this episode we discuss how price sensitivity & brand loyalty change during economic downturns. Why the decisions we make as brands are amplified during times of recession. The not so obvious opportunity (or threat) that exists right now and the…
12: Brand Agency vs SEO Agency: Who should you turn to when designing a new website?
May 11 • 38 min
In this episode we discuss the conflict associated with brand design vs search engine optimisation when designing a new website. What happens when you leave your critical web design decisions to you brand agency? What happens when you leave your critical…
11: How to Create a Brand Name
Apr 27 • 34 min
In this episode we discuss Dean Millson’s tried and tested method for creating memorable brand names. The four core types of name and how they differ. Dangers of selecting a poor name. The specific process Dean uses to brainstorm and decide on a name.
10: Perceptual Cues, Priming and the Impact on Advertising
Apr 13 • 32 min
In this episode we discuss the impact that perceptual cues have on advertising. We dissect the ways Australian brands such as Bunnings and JB Hifi have used perceptual cues to strengthen their brands. How to use implicit memory to appear more attractive…
09: Unlocking Your Brand DNA
Mar 30 • 45 min
We discuss the three types of Company DNA types. How to discover your brand’s DNA. Surprising truths some brands discover when they unlock their brand DNA. How to bring a clients to tears, and make them pay for it.
08: How Not to Refresh a Brand
Mar 16 • 37 min
We discuss the dangers associated with re-branding using the example of Harvey World Travel / Hello World. When should you re-brand? Why you should proceed with caution? Why we are so easily tempted to update our assets?
07: Balancing Long Term and Short Term Objectives in Marketing
Feb 24 • 51 min
We discuss the dangers of focussing too much on short marketing objectives. Are your short term campaigns damaging your brand equity? Can digital marketing be used to drive brand awareness? How do long term factors influence short term decision making?
06: What’s Wrong with the Way Marketing Budgets are Set?
Feb 3 • 36 min
We discuss the concept of zero-based budgeting. How should budgets be set? What is the reality of how budgets are set currently? Why is it so hard to increase marketing budgets, even when results are good? Is there a more agile model for budgeting? Why…
05: Brand Values & Culture
Jan 14 • 26 min
We discuss the impact that understanding your brand can have on your organisational culture. Why brand values need to be more than some words on a wall. How your values can create behaviours. How to create ‘sticky statements’ that become memorable. Why if…