It's Time for The Word

It's Time for The Word
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Oct 18 • 26 min
Speaker: Disciple Billie Redmond Jesus calls us to love Him and to demonstrate our love by loving others. He reminds us to care for the poor and needy and with our service and sacrifice offers great promises of reward.
The Healing Power of Faith
Oct 11 • 38 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston Having faith is hoping in spite of hopeless circumstances. Having faith is never doubting the promises of God. Having faith is being absolutely convinced that God will do what He has promised. In order to ground our faith in…
Be Still and Know
Oct 4 • 42 min
Speaker: Pastor Dieuner Joseph Despite the craziness going on in our country and in the world, we have to be still and know that God is in control. That knowledge should encourage us to remain faithful in our service to the kingdom of God as His…
Who Will Go For Us
Sep 27 • 25 min
Speaker: Reverend Marlin Jones In this current time, God is asking who will represent him. In order to represent God, believers must ask themselves the following questions: 1. Are you truly listening when God speaks? 2. Do you truly understand what God is…
Freedom from the Shackles of Life
Sep 20 • 29 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston Jesus makes a promise of rest to those who take his yoke upon them. Jesus invites us to the rest of a purposeful life grounded in God’s Word and Promises. Jesus has concern for our burdens and offers rest for our souls. The…
A Pupil’s Perspective in a Pandemic
Sep 13 • 65 min
Speaker: Raymond Harrison, Jr. A personal reflection of a journey from fear to faith in the midst of a Quad Crisis. The speaker will share ways God has used pain and failure to get to a stronger faith to fulfill His purpose.
No Longer Naked
Sep 6 • 31 min
Speaker: Classy Preston This Gospel story affirms the compassion of Jesus which leads him to travel to heal and transform lives. Regardless of our emotional state of mind, Jesus is able to restore and deliver us through His Healing Power. Afterward, we…
The Battle Is Not Yours
Aug 30 • 36 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston In life, we make choices that determine our fate. The Chronicle is striving to teach us that if we forget the God of righteousness and justice in our responses to life challenges we will fail. We must not be fearful or…
In But Not of the World
Aug 23 • 37 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston In John 17 Jesus prays on behalf of the disciples because he knows the battles they will face in the world. The World hates those who follow Jesus. We are not called to be of the world, but we are sent into the world to be a…
Aug 16 • 30 min
Speaker: Reverend Rose Cornelious Did you know there are some things we can do to actually help the enemy defeat us? Learn how the sin of stubbornness has marked creation and hindered our ability to live in the abundance God has for us.
Good Trouble
Aug 9 • 24 min
Speaker: Reverend Tony Cornelious Moses has died, God has picked Joshua to lead the Children of Israel across the Jordan River and into the Promised land. The City of Jericho will be the first major test displaying Joshua’s military and leadership skills.
What To Do When Life Falls Apart
Aug 2 • 45 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston In life all of us will have trials and some tribulation. During these seasons, we often question God’s existence and ask why are these troubles invading my life? Job teaches us how to move through seasons of loss by 1)…
Peace In A Pandemic
Jul 26 • 32 min
Speaker: Reverend Julie Bell Peace in a Pandemic is the great benefit of having a relationship with God. Life causes many stressors. God is a very present help in the time of trouble. You don’t have to fear no matter what is going on around you. You can…
It Takes Faith To Breathe Again
Jul 19 • 36 min
Speaker: Minister Karen Holmes Morant God is asking, Do you believe dry bones can live again? Hope for a better tomorrow in the mist of so much death around the world takes faith in Jesus Christ. Will your faith allow you to endure for however long it…
How To Resist Temptation
Jul 12 • 49 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston It is good for us to remember the physical and spiritual cost of obedience to Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior. It is good for us to resolve ourselves afresh to be grounded in the word of God and to seek a new intimacy with…
Speak To Your Demon
Jul 5 • 38 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston At times in our lives, we may become focused on “what we do” and “how well we do it.” At these times, we must stop and acknowledge that it is God’s power working through us. When we have done “a good work,” it is natural for…
It’s Time for a Moral and Spiritual Check-Up
Jun 28 • 42 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston God has Spiritual and Moral standards that never change, regardless of circumstances in the world and around us. The Apostle John gave us these instructions “Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you…
A Few Good Men
Jun 21 • 62 min
Speaker: Pastor Dieuner Joseph God is looking for a few good men who will defend those too weak to fight for themselves. He is inviting godly men to become foot soldiers in the cosmological battle of good versus evil. Those who accept his invitation will…
Sometimes You Find Yourself In A Cave
Jun 14 • 38 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston Sometimes life is overwhelming and we will find ourselves despondent, depressed, and disappointed. During these moments of life, we must remember God watches over us regardless of our circumstances in life, and we can count…
How Long O Lord
Jun 7 • 35 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston There are times when life is filled with despair and we cry out to God to ask How long, Oh Lord? Are you willing to ask God How Long? David shows us how to move from despair to deliverance by putting our total trust in God.…
Dressed for Battle
May 31 • 32 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston As Believers, we are not exempt from fear, but we have a God to take us through our fears. When we take up the full armor of God we will be able to resist the evil one. We must stand firm having girded our loins with truth,…
Stand and See
May 24 • 30 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston In life, we will be faced with trials and occasional attacks from our enemies. During these times we must recall the promises of God’s Word to be encouraged. In all circumstances, we must display basic trust in the absolute…
The Heart of a Volunteer
May 17 • 31 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston God has given each one of us spiritual gifts and talents to be used in His service. He has equipped us to fulfill a special assignment in His kingdom, there is no need to wait to be drafted you can volunteer right now. There…
In A Time Such As This Motherhood Calls
May 10 • 24 min
Speaker: Deacon Diana Bing-Lawson Of all the characteristics given to Motherhood, the most enduring trait is LOVE. In times, such as this, Motherhood calls for LOVE beyond what mothers believe they can provide. Love requires a dependence on God as never…
A Worthy Response To God’s Grace
May 3 • 31 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston We must be intentional in acknowledging the presence and gift of God’s Amazing Grace in our lives. Therefore, on a daily basis, we must Apply God’s Standards to our Lives, Renew our Commitment to God’s Covenant and…
Maybe God Is Trying To Tell You Something
Apr 26 • 43 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston God never gives up on us even when we are rebellious and resistant to His will. Each day we make decisions that impact our relationship with Almighty God. Therefore, we must be sensitive to our sinful nature and be willing…
The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth
Apr 19 • 30 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston It is good for us to experience the power of confession and repentance in shaping our relationship with God. The Bible teaches: Truth is that which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory, and being of God. The…
In Times Like These
Apr 12 • 29 min
Speaker: Pastor Classy Preston We live in challenging times and the world is rapidly changing. Therefore, we must be keenly aware that God’s Word (The Bible), a relationship with Jesus Christ (our Savior) are required for survival. There is no anchor in…
Flip the Script
Mar 29 • 34 min
Speaker: Reverend Julie Bell Traditionally God blesses us, and we have good times, and then we leave God. Reverend Julie Bell was encouraging us to ‘Flip the Script’ and stay with God. Her key points were to separate ourselves with God, confess our sins,…
Word Up
Mar 22 • 38 min
Speaker: Reverend Paula Smith Sawyer She challenged all of us to allow God’s Word to convict us and help us get out of sin; allow God’s Word to sustain us for all His promises in the Word are true and allow God’s Word to bring us joy for there is joy in…