SuperIdols! RPG

SuperIdols! RPG
SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and a rotating cast of players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical girl anime, showbiz drama, a

4: New Arrivals
Aug 1 • 75 min
Today on SuperIdols! RPG, the Fort McNally Idol Club tries to figure out what kind of group they want to be. Little do they know that a few new wrenches are about to be thrown into that plan. Cast:- Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) as Valerie Pearce /…
3: The Morning Routine
Jul 11 • 52 min
Today on SuperIdols! RPG, our heroes get a good night’s rest after their hectic first meeting and then wake up to tackle a new day. Cast:- Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) as Valerie Pearce / Violence Violet- Tea (they/them, @Theawinde) as Evangeline “Angie”…
2: Welcome to the Club, Pt. 2
Jun 20 • 71 min
Today on SuperIdols! RPG, we continue where we left off as our heroes follow the last piece of the puzzle and (hopefully?) meet their club president. However, not everyone has been enjoying this game thus far. Tensions are starting to run high. And when…
1: Welcome to the Club, Pt. 1
Jun 20 • 62 min
Today we join three idol hopefuls — Valerie, Angie, and Synthia — as they attend their first meeting of the Fort McNally High School Idol Club. All three want to shine on the stage in their own ways. Will this be the kind of place they can start building…
SuperIdols! RPG Teaser (90’s Commercial Version)
May 11 • 1 min
Now that’s what I call a podcast promo!