Field Posts

Field Posts
Learn about and discuss the cutting edge of the ag industry and explore new perspectives on farming’s old adages. Field Posts is a weekly podcast by DTN/The Progressive Farmer that dives deeper into the most important trends in technology, policy, mana?

Strategies for the Dog Days of Cattle Backlogs
Jun 29 • 26 min
The most recent Cattle on Feed Report contained some unexpected news. We’re reconnecting with DTN’s ShayLe Stewart to learn how markets are reacting, and how producers might prepare for what could be several more months of COVID-related backlogs and…
How Veterans Start Successful Farms
Jun 20 • 54 min
The path from serving in America’s armed forces to American agriculture is well-trod, but not without its challenges. We’ll speak with two veteran farmers about building farm businesses, and with the executive director the Farmer Veteran Coalition about…
Secrets of the June WASDE
Jun 15 • 35 min
The June WASDE is out, but don’t let the lack of seismic market shifts fool you. We sit down with DTN’s Lead Analyst Todd Hultman about what this month’s numbers tell us about the future of a crop overshadowed by a pandemic.
American Farmers Rate Their Tractors
Jun 5 • 22 min
Choosing a piece of farm equipment, especially a tractor, is a big decision, and objective information about farmer experiences can be hard to come by. DTN is changing that with Reader Insights, and Dan Miller joins us to dig into the data on how…
How to Derail 2020s Record Crop
May 29 • 35 min
As the 2020 season continues, a seemingly unshakably good crop is coming up. Can two late spring cold spells, possible limits on dicamba use, and full moisture profiles derail it? We’ll talk with DTN’s ag meteorologist Bryce Anderson and Crop Tech…
Do Yield Guarantees Protect Farmers or Retailers?
May 22 • 31 min
Today DTN’s Matt Wilde is helping us dive into the new trend of yield guarantee programs. We’ll discuss the different programs available, how they work, and when they make sense for a progressive farmer.
May WASDE Competes with COVID to Move Markets
May 14 • 49 min
The May WASDE is here and DTN’s Todd Hultman will discuss his analysis in light of a chaotic COVID-19 market.”
The Bottom Line on Meat in a Crisis
May 8 • 29 min
We’re launching Field Posts in the midst of a global pandemic— one that’s had a tremendous impact on every aspect of the US meat sector. DTN Livestock Analyst ShayLe Stewart joins us to discuss what’s really driving market prices and how producers are…
Ag’s Trillion Dollar (Federal Aid) Question
May 8 • 49 min
The global pandemic shocked the economy, agriculture has not been spared. Policymakers in Congress and at the USDA scramble to provide relief. But what will those programs look like for producers— and how long will it take to role them out? We learn…
Let’s Not Jinx Planting Weather with a Podcast
May 8 • 46 min
Plant2020 is going… Especially in the wake of the 2019 planting season, the positive outlook coming out of the midwest in particular have optimism about the year. We’ll talk with DTN’s Bryce Anderson about what might be in store later in the season,…