Mondays with Marthie

Mondays with Marthie
Stories of Hope to inspire. Find your purpose and run with it!

Winston Siljeur Productions: Music to inspire & Bless
May 14 • 11 min Winston Siljeur Productions (Pty) Ltd WINSTON SILJEUR PRODUCTIONS· Reg no: 2015/351258/07 - Taking the next step Winston Siljeur Productions is a Cape Town based company offering a dynamic mix of live…
Save The Sheep Sutherland: When Hope Has Legs
May 11 • 6 min
Meet the people behind Save The sheep Sutherland. They go beyond their challenges to create opportunities for their community amidst the drought in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Save The Sheep Products…
The Shackbuilder: A Window to the World
May 11 • 7 min “By building something decent for people not only restores their dignity but also gives them a chance to rebuild their lives. As an educational psychologist I was taken aback when I saw the truly bad conditions that…
Ameen Levy- The Rappin Donkey
May 8 • 6 min
Meet Ameen Levy - he has been creating music for the World to listen to for a lifetime! Contact information for Ameen Levy:; or on his mobile +27 83 398 7718. Ameen Levy’ s career in a nutshell. Ameen Levy…
The Diana Ferrus Pages
May 5 • 9 min Diana Ferrus (born 29 August 1953, Worcester, Western Cape) is a South African writer, poet and storyteller of mixed Khoisan and slave ancestry. Her work is published in Afrikaans and English. Ferrus leads…
Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
May 5 • 12 min
Spokesperson: Stephne Jackson Next Sterilisation opportunity 22 May 2020. Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund About Watershed Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Fund NPO 085-455 WATERSHED ANIMAL…
Mondays with Marthie (Trailer)
May 4 • 0 min