Rex's Bible Minute

Rex's Bible Minute
Rex’s Bible Minute is a weekly video where I discuss anything and everything related to Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity. I can be contacted at

Jesus WOULD wear the mask! | rex’s bible minute
Jul 12 • 9 min
Christians seem to be missing a huge opportunity to show love to the world around them. This week I explain why I think every Christian should be wearing masks in public and following social distance guidelines, and it has nothing to do with whether masks…
Why did God give us rules? | BONUS EPISODE | rex’s podcast
Jul 11 • 16 min
Due to a recording glitch, this is a bonus audio only episode. This episode focuses on why did God give the Israelites commandments and why did he give them to modern Christians. This is meant to be a follow up to last week’s episode. I can be contacted…
Do I HAVE to Wear a Mask?! | Submit to Save | rex’s bible minute
Jul 9 • 18 min
Do Christians have to do what their governments tell them to do? Even if it’s unfair? or wrong? or painful? Taken from the July 5th service at Tollesboro Christian Church, this week I dig into how and why Jesus and his apostles answered those questions. A…
The Disciples were racist, and what Jesus did about it | rex’s bible minute
Jun 6 • 21 min
A Christian is a follower of Christ, which means they should strive to do as Jesus did. This week I discuss how Jesus handled racism, something he encountered often even among his closest friends. Nothing in this video is meant to offend anyone, any more…
What Happened Between the Old and New Testaments? | Rex’s Bible Minute
May 16 • 16 min
Have you ever wondered how Israel came to be under Roman rule during the time of the New Testament? Have you ever wondered who the Hellenists were and why they didn’t get along with the Jewish Christians? I give a brief overview in this week’s Bible…
How did Rome become Christian? | Understanding Church History | rex’s bible minute
May 8 • 27 min
How did the biggest persecuted of Christians, the Roman Empire, become Christian? One name. Constantine. This week we explore how Constantine the Great changed the course of history and laid the foundation of the western Christian world. I can be…
Why did the Romans hate Christians? | Understanding the Bible Better | rex’s bible minute
Apr 29 • 26 min
Why did Roman Pagans hate Christians so much? If you want to understand the New Testament better, knowing the answer to this question is essential. I can be contacted at Podcast version can be found at
Who Does God Protect? - rex’s bible minute
Apr 25 • 17 min
God is a good dad. Does that mean he won’t let his kids get hurt? I can be contacted at
I’m Still Glad I Live in 2020: Why Do So Many People Walk Away from Christianity? rex’s bible minute
Apr 20 • 29 min
Why do so many new converts to Christianity fall away so quickly? Can we do anything about it? Is it our fault? I take a stab at these questions in this week’s Rex’s Bible Minute. I can be contacted at
I Think You’ve Been Lied to About Fear: Why Easter Matters - Rex’s Bible Minute
Apr 13 • 25 min
Chances are, if you’re a Christian or have been in the western Christian sphere of influence you’ve probably been told Christians aren’t supposed to be afraid. In this video I explain why Jesus said we should absolutely be afraid (fear was his idea after…