The Green Living Gurus

The Green Living Gurus
Do you want to live a healthier life? Are you worried about the chemicals that are in your home and in all of the products that you use and in the air that you breathe? Do you want to eat healthier? We will help you navigate through this process of making choices to becoming healthier and will help you make changes and offer alternatives to products that are not harmful to the environment and to your health. We love to help people make changes whether it is a baby step or a big leap!

How Air Purifiers Can Help With Snoring.
Aug 1 • 10 min
There are so many health benefits from clearing the air of irritants in your bedroom. Breathing easier can give you more energy and eliminate snoring. Better sleep can have dramatic effects on your immune system and your overall health. Allergens like…
Raising a Healthy Dog and Toxic Free
Jul 25 • 18 min
We all know to raise a healthy and happy dog they should get good mental stimulation, decent dog food, exercise, toys to play with, socialization and manners training. What so many people don’t know, is there are toxic chemicals in their toys, glyphosate…
Avoiding Toxic Toys for Your Kids
Jul 18 • 10 min
Children want to play and need to play! It is very important to their development and well-being. Toys are the number one item that parents buy their kids to play with. There are so many items on the market today and you can purchase them in a toy store,…
Pregnancy and avoiding potentially harmful chemicals
Jul 11 • 15 min
More and more research is linking chemicals to birth defects, cancer, thyroid disorders, acne, asthma, diabetes, obesity, allergies, infertility, and even ADHD. If I had my way, every OB office and midwife in the U.S. would distribute information to their…
Organic Body Products
Jul 4 • 14 min
Have you looked at the ingredients list on your bath/body products lately? Organic Body Products was created by Kristen Saurer. Kristen and her husband were raising three special needs kids when she realized how many chemicals were in products. She wanted…
The Power of Raw Foods with Sharon Cryan with the Food Nerd.
Jun 25 • 31 min
Sprouting increases nutrient levels in grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts or seeds. Sprouts also contain lower levels of antinutrients, making it easier for your body to absorb all the nutrients they contain. Sharon, with ‘Food Nerd’ walks us through the…
A Geothermal home and ‘Green’ neighborhood - a wave of the future!
Jun 20 • 15 min
The neighborhood where the house is located in East Amherst, NY is 50% Green Space and the first Certified Green Neighborhood in NYS. It is Energy Star “Green” certified w/Geothermal Heat & Solar Power equals LOW or NO utility bills! Geothermal systems…
Understanding and Avoiding Toxic Sunscreen (recorded on Facebook Live)
Jun 13 • 16 min
A very talked about subject as it should be since the sun is baking these ingredients into your skin and many are hormone and endocrine disruptors. Some sunscreens have active ingredients such as: oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, octisalate,…
Living in Alignment through Ayurveda with Hannah Levin
Jun 6 • 22 min
Hannah Levin is an Ayurveda Health Counselor, Yoga teacher and Yoga Health Coach who delights in guiding women out of self-care neglect to live their best lives. She hosts the popular Yoga and More group on Facebook, where she offers daily yoga, and also…
Yoga with Paula Carver
May 30 • 9 min
Paula is living and loving the yoga lifestyle. She took the practice off the mat, as they say. This includes a healthy diet, adequate sleep, moderation in most everything, kindness and gratitude as well as incorporating Ayurvedic strategies to maintain…
Getting safer products into the hands of everyone with BEAUTYCOUNTER Manager, Amanda Lux
May 23 • 18 min
There are so many skin care and makeup products with harmful chemicals in them. BEAUTYCOUNTER is one company, started bt Gregg Renfrew after she realized there were so many harmful chemicals in products she was applying to herself and her children. Amanda…
Essential Oils 101
May 16 • 26 min
doTERRA Essential Oils with Nanette Luczak, a Silver Wellness Advocate. Founded in 2008. doTERRA was built on the mission of sharing highest quality essential oils with the world. Having seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from…
What is Chemical Distancing?
May 9 • 16 min
Chemical Distancing is when you come in contact with everyday chemicals that can make you sick, want to gag, have to cough or just outright want to run fast from them!
Let’s get started!!
May 2 • 18 min
Are you ready to get started and learn about chemicals and getting them out of your house, office and your lives?Therese Forton-Barnes and The Green Living Gurus will guide you along the way. Learn about Therese and her experience. Take the first step to…
The Green Living Gurus (Trailer)
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