The MoveMind Podcast

The MoveMind Podcast
The MoveMind Podcast explores all things body and brain; hosting a variety of experts, coaches, high achievers and pioneers to give you the tools for a personal, holistic upgrade.

Brandon Harris on Preparing Suga Sean O’Malley, Applying Awareness and The Meathead-Manbun Continuum (#12)
Sep 17 • 64 min
Excited to share my conversation with Brandon about preparing Suga Sean O’Malley for 3 UFC appearances, how his study of Zen has helped him cultivate and apply awareness to create more authentic relationships, and why he sits somewhere in the middle of…
Josh Neumann on Coaching With Enthusiasm, The First 15 Minutes and Encouraging Flow States (#11)
Aug 12 • 81 min
Josh is one of the most enthusiastic and fun S&C coaches I have ever trained under. Listen in as we talk about blending technical coaching with play, why the first fifteen minutes of the session should be dominated, and how to encourage flow states…
Cian Lanigan on Smart Feedback Loops, Nootropic Recovery Shakes and Graded Training for Performance (#10)
Jul 13 • 81 min
Whether you’re a coach or looking to be smarter about structuring your training, my conversation with Cian is going to jumpstart your mind. We dive into the idea of creating feedback loops for improved learning, Cian’s homemade nootropic recovery shake…
Joey Fritz on Mental Performance for Combat Sports, How to Enjoy Running, and Approach vs Avoid Mindsets (#9)
Jun 30 • 109 min
Working with combat sports athletes, to snowboarders and even motorcycle racers, Joey took some time to chat with me about all things cognitive. We cover what the mental performance component for combat athletes looks like, how to enjoy running if you…
Simonster on Mastering Your Own Bodyweight, Skills vs Strength, and Simplifying Your Training (#8)
Jun 22 • 58 min
A legend in the calisthenics world, I sat down with Simonster to pick his brains on all things strength and bodyweight. We talk about calisthenics mastery, the difference between training for a skill vs training to get stronger, and how to simplify your…
Geoffrey Chiu on Bridging The Gap, The Power of the Grappling Mindset and Common Training Mistakes to Avoid (#7)
Jun 15 • 75 min
Geoff explains what bridging the gap between S&C and combat sports really means, why the grappling mindset is so powerful when it comes to learning, and common training mistakes to avoid for combat sports athletes.This episode of the MoveMind…
Garyth Moxey on Your First Psychedelic Trip, Healing Addiction With Ibogaine, and The God Molecule (#6)
Jun 8 • 85 min
Had a wild time talking to Garyth about his own experience with substance addiction, his journeys with psychedelics, suggestions on plant choices for your first psychedelic trip and what it’s like to work with the God molecule (5Meo-DMT) and how it…
Phil Wittmer on Your First Handstand, One Arm Chins and Staying at Sub 10% Bodyfat All Year Round (#4)
May 25 • 63 min
You’ll hear about achieving your first freestanding handstand, getting the illusive one arm chin, and how Phil manages to stay at sub 10% body fat all year round! This episode was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.
Zahir Akram on Self-Realisation, How to Teach a Teacher, and Why Yoga Might Not Fix Your Back Pain (#3)
May 18 • 71 min
We explore some ideas in Zahir’s new book, “Yoga, Meditation or Madness”, the path to self-realisation, teaching teachers and how to approach doing yoga if you have back pain. This episode was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.
Amir Ghassemi on The Art Of Charm, How To Cut Weight and Teaching Women How To Protect Themselves (#5)
May 17 • 65 min
Find out Amir’s secrets to being charming in any situation, clarity around cutting weight for his fights and critical components to consider when teaching women to protect themselves.This episode was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness…
Ben Dyson on the Black Belt Journey, Serious Injury Mindsets and Building World Class Academies (#2)
May 12 • 71 min
Discover how Ben has developed a solid mindset towards dealing with serious injuries, and his approach to building a world class BJJ academy. For all you grapplers out there, this episode was a great insight into Ben’s journey to black belt and the…
Joe McCullum on Exercising Creativity, Tumbling for Injury Prevention and Advice for Coaches in an Inflated Market (#1)
May 4 • 84 min
What a way to kick things off with UBC’s head S&C coach, Joe McCullum. We cover the importance of exercising creativity for varsity athletes, why Joe believes tumbling holds secrets for injury prevention, and some advice for new S&C coaches on…