The Big Leap

The Big Leap
Helping other people make their dreams come true.

The Plant Medicine Episode
Sep 18 • 47 min
Imagine if you could completely and totally connect with God. What if you could experience the deepest most profound sense of love, connection and bliss you have ever imagined? Mike’s done it and he can tell you what he’s about to share could be both…
Comedian and Movie Star, Milana Vayntrub’s Biggest Leaps
Sep 3 • 46 min
Have you ever thought to yourself, “celebrities have it SO easy! They’ve got the money, the fame, the friends… it must be so nice to have everything handed to you.” But how did they get to celebrity status? Was hard work involved or just dumb luck? Holy…
Our Biggest Leaps
Aug 19 • 40 min
Imagine being on your deathbed years from now, looking back at your life, and having the satisfaction of knowing it was a COMPLETE success. What would be the number one thing, above all else, that made it great? That’s the question we ask and answer in…
Everything You Need to Have a Big Leap Year
Aug 13 • 53 min
What if you were able to overcome your barriers to happiness and fulfillment? What if you had a clear path for achieving your true potential and attaining not only financial success but also success in love and life? What if this was YOUR YEAR to take the…
Consciousness Is Your Most Valuable Product
Aug 5 • 38 min
What IS consciousness? What does it actually mean? “Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environments. Consciousness is your awareness of yourself and the world around you.” (Your…
The Charisma Amplifier
Jul 22 • 53 min
Most people think that “charisma” is just something that you’re born with. It’s not something that can be taught. That’s where you’d be wrong… Charisma CAN be a learneed skill! But how do you develop it? What do you have to let go of in order to open up…
Pride and Fear of Asking for Help
Jul 14 • 46 min
Do you have a problem asking for help or support? Does it feel shameful to ask? Do you feel like you’ll be looked down on if you do? Here’s the thing… EVERYone needs help to move forward and grow sometimes. Whether it’s in business or life and there is NO…
How To Get Un-Stuck
Jul 7 • 52 min
Do you feel STUCK in your life, business or relationships? What does it REALLY mean to be stuck? What if FEAR was actually the source of your stuckness? What if you had a super simple map that could help you get out of the fear and “stuck” mode SUPER…
Pull Out Your Inner Genius
Jun 30 • 50 min
Do you ever feel STUCK? Like you’re just not going anywhere in life? Like nothing has changed, moved forward or inspired you in a REALLY long time? It almost feels like you’re actually going backwards sometimes?! Whether it’s in your business,…
Fear of Death, Running Out, Not Having Enough, Not Being Enough
Jun 23 • 47 min
What are you afraid of? I mean, what REALLY terrifies you to the core? Is it dying? Being alone? Not being “enough”? Running out of money or even worse… not being useful or loved? Living in a constant state of fear is really not living at all. What if you…
All the World is THEATER!
Jun 16 • 54 min
What if you could control your creative state at will and innovate on demand no matter what? Do you have that level of control? WHAT IS CREATIVITY? Are you under the impression that only artists, musicians, actors and photographers possess creativity?…
Shibumi! Big Leap Investing and Money
Jun 9 • 47 min
What if money flowed to you so easily and often that it almost seemed unfair? What if you had such an amazing relationship with money that you were able to give it away freely without ever having to even THINK about what your checking account balance was?…
Einstein Time
Jun 2 • 36 min
Are you ALWAYS in a rush? Does it feel like you NEVER have enough time to get everything done? Are you in a continual state of stress and anxiety because of time-related constraints? This week’s episode is all about how to quit being a victim to time and…
The Big Leap in Action
May 26 • 37 min
Do you feel as though LUCK is a myth or something that only happens to other people? What if luck was something you could manifest into your life on a regular basis by doing a few simple exercises or a simple shift in mindset? What would your life be like…
Beyond The Big Leap Is Conscious Luck
May 19 • 38 min
What if you could control and amplify your LUCK? How would that change your life and business? How much more money would you make? How many more exotic vacations would you take? What celebrities would you meet? What kind of cool car would you buy? How…
What Was Your Biggest Leap
May 1 • 37 min
This podcast is about those turning points — the single decisions in life and business that changed everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter.