Professional Weaver Podcast

Professional Weaver Podcast
Through our interviews and discussions with weavers, manufacturers, show promoters, and patrons of the fiber arts we hope to build depth, transparency, and connection within the weaving community. We will also be taking your weaving questions to ask the experts.

14 : Community Organizations Part 1 : Hudson Valley Textile Project with Gail Parrinello
Aug 7 • 73 min
This week we are talking with Gail Parrinello owner of the Cornwall Yarn Shop in Cornwall, NY and President of the board for the Hudson Valley Textile Project. Gail started her yarn shop in 2004 with the intention of offering locally produced yarn, but at…
13 : Working with a Spinning Mill with Mary Jeanne Packer
Jul 31 • 80 min
A little over ten years ago, Mary Jeanne started the Battenkill Fiber Mill, which processes raw wool and spins it into beautiful worsted yarn for both knitters and spinners. This small mill takes the raw fiber from our local fiber shed and takes it…
12 : Don’t let Perfection Get in the Way of Progress with Lindsay Wiseman
Jul 24 • 95 min
This week we are talking to Lindsey Wiseman of Central Oregon Textiles from Oregon. Lindsey’s woven work showcases the artistry and bold colors of a designer, and the meticulous balance and symmetry of an engineer, blending her careers together into…
11 : Ask the Difficult Questions of Your Work with Kat Howard
Jul 17 • 58 min
This week we talk with Kat Howard from New York. Kat Howard is a fiber artist who blends the literary nuances of poetry into the textural work of weaving. Her MFA background in Book Art and Creative Writing, has given her a clear voice and understanding…
10 : Working with Fashion Designers with Jamie & The Jones
Jul 10 • 81 min
We are doing a something a little different this week. We are talking to a business that utilizes handwoven fabrics from weavers in their final product. We would like to introduce you to Jamie from Jamie and the Jones from Nashville, Tennessee. Jamie and…
9 : Be Patient, Never Give Up with Joseph Young
Jul 3 • 64 min
This week we talk with Joseph Young of Interwoven from California. Joseph is a weaver who specializes in contemporary Zapotec weaving. For a little background, the Zapotec are an indigenous people that have lived in the Valley of Oaxaca for at least 2,500…
8 : Get A Good Seam Ripper with Denise Kovnat
Jun 26 • 68 min
This week we talk with Denise Kovnat from New York. Denise is a weaver, dyer, and self proclaimed “free-ranged seamstress” who loves painted warps, collapse techniques, and extended parallel threadings- all to make colorful, texture cloth used in garments…
7 : Go For It, Whats the Worst That Could Happen with Katie Strano
Jun 19 • 76 min
This week we talk with Katie Strano of Heddle Over Heels from Connecticut. Katie is a production weaver who creates yardage for clothing and her own wearable weaving designs. The desire to make functional beauty is amplified through her playful dyeing and…
6 : Don’t Apologize for the Price of Your Work with Amanda James
Jun 12 • 87 min
This week we talk to Amanda James of Thief and Moth from Wisconsin. Amanda is a production weaver who creates beautiful, handwoven yardage for wearables and accessories. She uses her AVL looms to create yardage that explores the relationship between…
5 : Just Keep Going with Julia Lines
Jun 5 • 57 min
This Week we talk with Julia Lines of Machine in Hand from Pennsylvania. Julia is a production weaver who creates unique utilitarian and ceremonial textiles. Her company Machine in Hand, radiates how she feels in connection to her work. Julia views…
4 : Be Clear About Your Goals with Lilly Marsh
May 29 • 77 min
This week we talk with Lilly Marsh from Queensbury, New York. Lilly is a production weaver whose work is directly connected with her active role in the fiber shed community. She views the weaving and textile world through the lens of her PhD in American…
3 : Do Not Undervalue Your Work with Sydney Sogol
May 22 • 91 min
This week we talk with Sydney Sogol of Syd’s Threads from Durham, North Carolina. With an eye on the environment around her and her hands rhythmically working on AVL looms, Sydney brings to life wearable pieces that celebrate how nature and technology can…
2 : Do what you love and dont be afraid with Frittelli & Lockwood
May 15 • 76 min
This week, we are super excited to have our guests, Cecelia Frittelli and Richard Lockwood of Frittelli and Lockwood. They have been involved with textiles for decades, and just so happen to be our weaving mentors. They have been producing their line of…
1 : The best solution is often the simplest with Scott Norris
May 8 • 73 min
Our first full episode! This week we kick things off talking with Scott Norris of Elam’s Widow. Scott is a prolific weaver who lives in Mass. Working out of his converted garage, he creates beautiful heirloom fabrics using hand dyed linen. His pieces have…
Apr 29 • 1 min
Welcome to the Working Weaver Podcast, we are excited to have you. Check out this trailer to find out more. Music by Rawhead The Wreckloose :