Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast

Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast
The Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast is for coaches, teachers, and leaders of all types of teams looking to use quotes to make their leadership inspirational, motivational, and impactful. Each short episode discusses quotes that they can use with their…

16 - Courage #8 - Kennedy - Opportunity
Jun 29 • 8 min
Today’s episode is the final episode in my mini-series on “Courage.” If you didn’t listen to the other episodes and you would like to listen to the series in its entirety, they began with episode 9.This final quote on courage comes to us from President…
15 - Courage #7 - Stone - Three Reminders
Jun 26 • 6 min
Today’s quote comes from businessman and author from the 20th century, W. Clement Stone. He states, “Three daily reminders: Have the courage to say ‘no.’ Have the courage to face the truth. Have the courage to do the right thing because it is right.”So…
14 - Courage #6 - Johnson & Churchill - The Greatest Virtue
Jun 22 • 8 min
Today’s episode actually contains two quotes. The reason I am doing two quotes here is that they are so closely related in concept and meaning that I thought I should just include them both and discuss them both at the same time.The first one comes from…
13 - Courage #5 -Anonymous - Resistance & Mastery of Fear
Jun 19 • 9 min
Today’s quote comes to us from an anonymous source, but it is oh so good, and I think gets right to the heart of what actual courage is. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.” So often we think people who are courageous…
12 - Courage #4 - Confucius - Do What Is Right
Jun 15 • 9 min
Today we move into the 4th episode in our short series on “Courage.” Today’s quote comes from the wise Chinese philosopher, Confucius. I have loved so many quotes by Confucius, but I’ll admit, this one has always made me a little uncomfortable. I often…
11 - Courage #3 - Jackson - Majority
Jun 11 • 7 min
Today is the third episode in a short series we are doing on “Courage.” This quote is from President Andrew Jackson. While he is a controversial figure in our history due to his treatment of Native Americans (Trail of Tears), this quote is an excellent…
10 - Courage #2 - Radmacher - It Doesn’t Always Roar
Jun 8 • 10 min
Today’s quote continues our series on “Courage” that we started last time in Episode 9. This quote comes to us from an author that many of us probably have not heard of - Mary Anne Radmacher. She is not a household name like Dickens or Twain, but she is…
9 - Courage #1 - Gide - Discover New Oceans
Jun 5 • 8 min
Today’s podcast kicks off a mini-series of podcasts dealing with the theme of Courage. During this extremely difficult time when we are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world are showing great courage every day. Doctors, nurses,…
8 - If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done…
Jun 3 • 6 min
Today’s quote comes from a source that is shrouded in a mild bit of controversy. Various people have been attributed as the one who said it first, from Henry Ford to Jessie Potter to Moms Mabley and others. No matter who said it first, it has stood the…
7 - Robert Burns - Best Laid Plans
May 27 • 7 min
Today’s quote comes from the poem, “To a Mouse,” by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. The line that I am quoting was made even more famous by John Steinbeck when he titled one of his novels, Of Mice and Men. Most people don’t realize that that title came…
6 - Attitude - Harrell & Swindoll
May 20 • 7 min
Today you will actually get two quotes. The first quote is a short 3-word quote that has been the biggest influence in my life for the last 30+ years - “Attitude is Everything.” I have lived this quote as kind of a mantra. Even before I first heard the…
5 - Luck - Thomas Jefferson
May 13 • 8 min
Thomas Jefferson, our third president of the United States, left a lasting impression on our nation in a variety of ways. But one way was the many different written and spoken lines of his that have lived on to this day. Today’s quote is one of my…
4 - Honesty & Integrity - Michelle Obama
May 6 • 7 min
Great quote by former First Lady Michelle Obama showing why honesty and integrity are such important traits to possess.
1 - Success is a Journey
May 1 • 6 min
Great quote attributed to Arthur Ashe showing how success is a process instead of a result
3 - Edison - Try Just One More Time
May 1 • 6 min
Great quote by inventor Thomas Edison discussing the importance of never giving up.
2 - Success - Becoming the Best You’re Capable of Becoming
May 1 • 7 min
Great quote by John Wooden that outlines his definition of success and one that we should all consider adopting